Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Why Hello Ladies...

It's true. Nashville STILL has a hockey team, and they actually have fans! I'm Bec, one of the two new Preds HLOG contributors and I'm honored to join such a great group of lady hockey fans! Alright now that we're through introductions, I'll get on with my spiel...

1. Where you're from, what you do - basic things.
I'm originally from Louisiana where my introduction to hockey was thanks to the Monroe Moccasins of the now defunct Western Professional Hockey League. I must admit I usually only went for the fights and music in between play. I was more fascinated that we had ice in an arena in Louisiana than the actual game playing on top of it. I later moved to Nashville and thanks to a generous doctor with Predators season tickets, I was finally introduced to the NHL. After seeing my first Preds game, I became an instant fan. As for what I do, I work in radio (yes a bit stereotypical for a Nashvillian) and in my spare time (AKA off season) I'm a freelance graphic designer.

2. Your team and why you like them.
Nashville Predators. Can you say underdogs? They're a team in a non-traditional market that had to throw out practically everything but the kitchen sink over the off season. They've got no big names and started from scratch this season with their team, yet they're still in the fight for a playoff position. And they're not just an underdog in the league, but also in Nashville. They struggled with ownership and to stay in the city over the offseason, but finally got everything settled as the season began. I think anyone can appreciate an underdog pulling through and the Preds are a perfect example!

3. Your least favourite team and why?
San Jose. I didn't start following the Preds until the 2005-2006 season which was our first meeting against the Sharks in the playoffs. It wouldn't have been so bad if we didn't meet them AGAIN the following year and lost AGAIN. After that, every game we play against San Jose brings back horrible playoff memories.

4. Your favourite player of all time & now?
It's a toss up between two: J.P. Dumont and Jed Ortmeyer. I fell in love with J.P. during playoffs last season and with him giving us a "hometown discount" with his contract extension this year I love him even more. He truly is a great player and great guy who has been a huge asset for our team. Plus from all I've heard, he and his family are really involved in the community and their decision to stay in Nashville had little if anything to do with money. BUT I equally love Jed Ortmeyer. His heart and constant fight to stay in the game no matter what his injury proves he's an amazing athlete. He may not be the best player on the ice, but he's definitely got the most heart. I've never seen him play 99%. He's always at 100% or more. He's new to the team this year (thank you Rangers!) but he's already a fan favorite. And honestly have you seen him? All I'm going to say is THANK YOU RANGERS!

5. Which hockey player is your least favourite and why?
This is another toss up between two: Jonathan Cheechoo and Jordin Tootoo. Again I'm not a big fan of San Jose and for some reason most of that loathing is targeted towards Cheechoo. Maybe it's because he's a great player that scores a lot (against us). I think it's also because in my mind he's a San Jose version of Jordin Tootoo. Yes, one of the players I dislike most is our very own Tootoo. In the past he's had the reputation of being arrogant and I just don't think the NHL is the sport for that (although I will say he's matured as a player this season). Oh and Preds fans have taken to blowing these "Tootoo" whistles every time he gets on the ice. They're horribly annoying, and let's just say I was glad to have a break from them during Toots' groin injury earlier this season.

6. What do you hope to gain from joining HLOG?
I really can't wait for the day when I can talk trades or conference standings without every female in earshot shaking her head in disdain. Not a lot of women (or really people in general) appreciate hockey for the great sport it is. I can't wait to start learning more about other players and teams in the league as well as just talking some hockey!

7. What role do female fans contribute to the game of hockey? What does female fan support do for the league/team/player she supports?
I think the female fan is obviously a unique one. Who a player is off the ice is just as important to a female fan as who he is on the ice. It's more about the passion and heart of the player than their physical ability. In my opinion the female fan base perfectly rounds out the NHL fan base. She just as important (if not more!) than the male fans!

8. Hockey just isn't the same without "Christmas Day". I've never had a more exciting day during hockey season other than Trade Deadline Day. Reading the rumors for weeks before hand, getting to work early so I could turn on the TSN webcast, counting down the minutes before the deadline while rapidly texting friends updating them with all the latest trades…exhilarating! It's crazy fast paced and you're watching teams literally change structure in a matter of minutes. It's great (especially since we just picked up a couple players and didn't lose anyone)!

9. If you could make your own team, regardless of whatever players, what would it be called and where will it be/how would it be like?
It'd be a college team. I'd love to recreate something similar to the 1980 Olympic USA hockey team. There's something about the heart of a college kid that's different than a pro player and I think that theory proved true during those Olympic games. I'd love to have our current Preds roster as the team but all college-aged. Or a peewee team of our Preds when they were that age. How cute would that be?!

10. Who gets your squee and why? (keep it short & sweet, y'all!)
Can I do another toss up? I'm going to have to say Jed Ortmeyer (thank you, thank you, THANK YOU Rangers). However, since he's out for the season I've taken a liking to our little AHLer Rich Peverley. No explanation needed for either. Just two more reasons to love Preds hockey!


Rachel said...

Yeah, baby! Let's do this!! I couldn't think of a more fitting person to help me in representing the Preds.

I hope our brilliant writing styles and powers of persuasion will help us to win over some more fans....heheheheh

Tracy said...

Lol! Well... welcome, to both of you and I hope that you are in for some (mostly) good-natured ribbing. After all, you ARE home to the infamous Princess (Tootoo) who I hate... I actually started to write love-to-hate or vice versa then I realized that's not true. I just really dislike him. :P

Anyway, welcome to HLOG!! Enjoy. :D

Lucky13 said...

Hey Becky - You already know about my penchant for Jed (most members of this site do). Now I have someone to share it with! Good to have ya.

Kerri said...

Welcome to HLOG! Have fun!