Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekly Topic: 08 Playoffs 1 - Lucky13

The team that I'm most looking forward to seeing in the playoffs this year - other than my beloved Rangers (they won the first round last night - woo-hoo!!!) - is the Nashville Predators.

There are several reasons why I have taken a liking to the Preds. First of all, they appeared on the map for me when my boy Jed Ortmeyer was picked up by them after the Rangers brass decided to let his contract expire (jerks). Something about litigation, whatever. So I started paying attention to them more as the 2008-2009 season started up because I wanted to watch Jed play.

Since then, I have taken a trip to Nashville to see them play, and I have followed them in the standings. Their playoff push at the end of the season was both good and bad - they finished in playoff contention - that's good. But they were seeded to play Detroit, who won the President's trophy - that's bad. But I have faith - they did pretty well against the league's best team during their 8-game regular season stand.

Now they are down 3-2 in round one of the playoffs. Not bad, considering they've been coined the sacrificial lamb for Detroit. I'm still hopeful that my Western conference team will provide round one's biggest upset.


Steph said...

And to think, here I was cheering on your boys... I take back my support! Gone! You hear me!? :P

Lucky13 said...

Sorry, Steph, I'm a sucker for the underdogs, and a glutton for punishment, I guess (hence being a Rangers fan all these years).

Rachel said...

That's right...we're still in it! I have faith we can pull it out, I really do. It's not over until it's over, and it's SO not over.

And Go Rangers!

Bec said...

First the Preds?! You really are my new favorite person! Haha!

Kerri said...

Oh, Christina. I'd much rather Detriot win- I'm a Red Wing fan. Although Nashville IS a Cinderella story... oh, I don't know.

But I must agree with you're GO RANGERS sentiment, lol. Second round, here we COME!