Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not Quite Live Blogging from the Sommet Center

Last night, the Predators hosted a viewing party for Game 5 of the WCQF of the Detroit-Nashville match up. This was a first for the organization; an experiment that was long overdue. Seriously, I think someone read my mind because I’ve been saying that they should open up the arena for away games for months now. Anyway, I went by myself and had no one to bounce all my thoughts off of; so I decided to keep track of all my random blurbs throughout the night and post them here in a semi-live blog format for your enjoyment.

First Period

First thought....super awkward to be in the building when there isn't a home game.....but still kind of cool.

$2 concessions probably best idea ever.

Ice is covered, glass is down. I almost forgot what it was like to be in the arena for anything other than a hockey game…well, technically I’m here for a hockey game but it’s not being played right in front of me.

My view…this was around 6:15…most people were still outside or standing in line for food.

So this is like being at my house, watching the game and having background vocalists clapping and cheering and yelling with me.

It's like one big happy family in here…except the seating isn’t as comfortable as my couch would be right now.

Crowds, no matter what, LOVE free freaking t-shirts.

Best Preds playoff beard so far....Greg Zanon…like a freaking mountainman!

Our ice girls and dancers are skanky.

Even if the ice is covered, it's too cold in here!

For an experiment, I think it turned out well.

You wouldn't really know people weren't watching a live game with all the jerseys and t-shirts.

Seriously, people go NUTS over free t-shirts!

A few Red Wings fan here....Gnash is here....trying to get the crowd all riled a little bit....but not that much.

Lots of Chelios and Red Wings Suck cheers…haha!

Second Period

Another view…the girl in the corner of the pic with the kid is one of our ice girls.

Surprising how many people want autographs of Gnash and the dancers.

Our PP still sucks. Wish we could give them back....we're almost better at trying for a goal on the PK.

These lines Trotz is trying out are not very good. Well, the Erat-Bonk-Rads line isn't bad though.

Elly is coming too far out of the net…get close to your home again dude! Seriously!!

How come Josh Langfeld full on plays with a crazy face mask, like he's in freaking high school or something.

We need a can tell they need some momentum.

Elly making ridiculous saves! So good right now. He can pretty much see everything.

How in the world? Only one SOG?!

Such a good chance by Smithson and Bonk! Frustration!

I've decided I really don't like Kromwall.

Kneeing on Hamhuis?! WTF? Did the refs pull that one out of their butts?

I love Jerred....nuff said...AND Elly AND Hammer.

Nice shorthanded try by Bonk and Suter....they’re normally on my list but I can't hate them right now.

Tootoo is playing like he actually knows how to be a freaking good hockey player tonight. I don't really know what to do with that!

So much Detroit pressure! We're doing a good job of breaking up their plays. If only we could get it in our end!

If Elly was blind, I still think he'd be able to stop the puck.

I still think this is going to be a really close game...decided in OT even.

This crowd going nuts because Franzen got knocked down by Suter, of all people!

I know it's not a game until Rads trips and falls, but the ref should have freaking called interference against the Red Wing breaking in on him.

GO Jean Pierre! That Frenchman has some fire in him tonight!

Seriously, if Ellis doesn't get our starting job, I'm going to have to call somebody! Paging David Poile…paging David Poile.

Spontaneous cheer just broke it!

I think the Erat line will score a goal for us.

Those red jerseys are out of control. They are all over the place on the ice.

These last second chances at the ends of the period are giving me spontaneous ulcers....if that's even possible.

OMG....I am so done with free t-shirts....and the skanky girls that toss them….seriously, put some clothes on.

George Plaster (radio personality for 104.5 The Zone) is not really my favorite person....he’s doing a horrible job at keeping the crowd interested in anything he has to say. The only thing he really likes to do is getting people to start the “Red Wings Suck” cheer.

And..some people should just not be allowed to drink alcohol.

Third Period

There's a little kid running around with his shirt off, like our own little streaker!

Jerred's been good at digging it out tonight. And what's this? Darcy with a SOG?

Messy faceoffs...way too messy.

If Zetterberg was a Predator, there would be a bunch of new puckbunnies at the glass during pre-skate.

Our good…Hammer is owning the fact that he’s wearing an ‘A’ tonight.

Did you know that Baptist Sports Medicine can take care of you? Because THEY CAN.

Dan Ellis is a rock star. 45 saves? Unbelievable!


Darcy is bringing the heat.

This crowd is frustrated…as am I.

Weirdest Shaped Playoff Beard Award.....Chris Mason.

You Should Never Grow Facial Hair for the Playoffs or for Any Other Reason Award....Jerred, Bochenski, Erat, Tootoo

JP, Pev good chance at about 4.30 left

Poor Erat....he looks pretty much done for with that delay of game call. He never owns up to his penalties though.

Hammer has such a good shot. Very accurate.

Good PK!

I can't do's sooo hard.

How come my boy was looking around at the crowd during Trotz's coaching session timeout instead of paying attention? I'm going to have to have a talk with him about that!

OMG!!!!! BOOONNNKKKK! BONK?!?!? +/- 31 Bonk????!?!?!?!?!!!!! Who cares?! We scored, we scored!

This place went NUTS when the goal was scored. Unbelievable! And the stats against us are out of this world! 53 SOG to 20??! AMAZING!

Fourth Period – OT

OMG, Jerred with a SOG that almost went in....I would have lost it....for real.

Wow.....that was over quickly. A little too quickly if you ask me.

Hard fought game....totally Ryan's fault on that one....and he's on my list again.

All in all, it was a good game and a great experience. I hope they decide to do this again and again for away games because watching the game on the Megatron is much better than sitting at my house watching it on my 20” TV.

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