Sunday, April 06, 2008

Best way to end the regular season?

Take your final two games. Have them at home in front of your loyal fans. Make sure you're playing your two biggest division rivals.

The best part of this classic hockey recipe?

Back-to-back shut-outs! (One of which was probably the best game I've seen all season.)

Another great way to end the season? With some humor in the dressing room interviews!

The reporters' questions following today's game focused on facing the Washington Capitals in the first round. Martin Biron (goalie) is always so fun to listen to because he's so nice. Scottie Upshall (forward) has done well in his interviews too; he makes me think of my younger brothers for some reason.

However, future captain Mike Richards (center and our 12-year man) was the best one today. When asked about the challenges they'll face against the Caps, Richie responded "Uh, I think they've got a pretty good scorer in Ovechkin."

CapsChick and Shmee, good luck to you two, your fellows Caps fans, Zilla, OV and all the other guys!


Shan said...

Yeah, I'm wondering where the Caps bloggers are and why they're not here gloating or sharing their excitement. I think Washington will be a tough competitor for anyone. They're a much better team now than they were before, so their points don't tell the story. But they've got a ton of momentum. And they have excellent jerseys.

Thanks to the Flyers for allowing the Habs to win the conference.

Dare said...

Man, do I ever agree on the jerseys. They are absolutely one of my favorites. Great colours. I love the shoulder crests.

For some reason, it makes it easier to cheer for a team when they actually look good on the ice. I guess it's because I don't have to waste brainpower wondering about who decided a certain combo was a good idea to begin with.

I'm kind of sad that it wasn't Pittsburgh/Philly right off the bat, but on the bright side, it keeps Montreal from playing Ottawa in the first round and guaranteeing a Canadian team knock out. Although, I can't bring myself to cheer for Ottawa against Pittsburgh, so they may as well have played Montreal. I'm so torn!

Let the countdown to Wednesday begin!! And, simultaneously, the finger-crossing that we win the draw for Flames tickets for the 15th...

Shan said...

If the Flyers had lost today, Ottawa would be playing Washington. Which is a matchup I would've liked to see. Montreal-Ottawa could happen in Round 2 if these teams win.

Kerri said...

I need to agree with the jerseys. The shoulder crests are so cool. When you first notice them, you're like, jeez, that's just so cute and creative.

That said, I think Washington is getting over-hyped. They had to play the Canes, Thrashers, and both Florida teams EIGHT times this year. One could only wish. While I agree their points don't tell the story, their division tells part of it, and although they have the same chance as the other 15 teams in the playoffs, and they also have the momentum, I'm not sold on these Capitals, Ovechkin and all.

I wanted to see Philly/Pens. *cry* I <3 Divisional Playoff games. Imagine the Atlantic Conference throw down... Rangers/Devils, Philly/Pens. It'd be outrageous. But I guess I need to get over these dreams.

Shan said...

Actually, I like the IDEA of their shoulder crests, but not the execution so much. Perhaps they should've gone with 2 different shoulder patches.

I, too, would've preferred the Battle of Pennsylvania and then the Battle of nation's capitals.

Dare said...

I dunno about the different shoulder patch direction - I find the Calgary thing pretty weird. Although I suppose it's an improvement on teams like the Leafs, who didn't even bother to put shoulder patches on their new jerseys.

Philly/Pens would have been a sick series. I do have my fingers crossed for a Pittsburgh/Washington series in the second round...we'll see what pans out.

Puck drop in 1 day, 20 hours, 40 minutes.

Shan said...

Calgary's is weird because one patch is the flag.

You people need to post more.
Otherwise I'll be forced to get a life.

Shan said...

Oh, also, I saw someone today with an old-school Capitals jersey. The new Caps jersey takes inspiration from the old one, but makes it good. Vancouver could learn a thing or two.

Dare said...

Calgary's is weird because the other is the Alberta flag. Although, it does strike me as particularly Albertan...

Does Vancouver have anything old that is even worth taking inspiration from?

Puck drop in 1 day, 6 hours, 45 minutes!

Shan said...

Maybe not, but the current jersey is "retro", yet it's terrible.