Monday, March 24, 2008

Working For It

After last season's misery, this Flyers season has been (infinitely) more tolerable.

I'm sure many fans like me weren't sure what to expect for this season at this point in the last one. I knew that Paul Holmgren would bargain for everything he could over the summer, he landed a hugely improved line-up and I've had fun watching them.

With just a few weeks left in the regular season, the guys are actually battling it out for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. (At the time I'm writing this, has them listed seventh.)

Currently, here are a few of the not-so-stupid random facts that have made this season fun:

  • Only NHL team with six players having scored over 20 goals. (Lups, please get two more and make it seven!)
  • Number two power play and a surging penalty kill.
  • Multiple scoring lines and someone always capable of picking up the slack when a player (or two or three) are out of the line-up.
  • A fair number of players who own hat-tricks (and at least two with two).

I really do believe that had we not had the concussions, injuries, 10-game losing streak, win-one-lose-one streak and - yes - the suspensions, we'd be a lot higher in the rankings than we are now. Likewise, there have been plenty of points in the season where I've seen room for key improvements on seemingly small things that would have made all the difference.

But you know, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Should the worst happen and we don't make it into the playoffs - or worse, we do and have to face the Devils in the first round! - I'll still be a happy Flyers fangirl eagerly looking forward to the 2008-09 season and trying to figure out who I'll be cheering for in the post-season.

Putting aside all the happy, sappy, feel-good stuff:

Dear Guys,

Still love yas but keep moving out there. Work for it - the playoffs and the cheers of your faithful fans!

Yours truly,

(P.S.: Really, could it be a just a little more mathematically tighter to determine which Eastern Conference teams will start their vacations in early April? It's crazy, yo!)


Steph said...

Honestly, if Lupul scores 20 goals, the whole league might explode.

Or at least I might explode.

Nadine said...

No, Steph! You can't explode because what would we do without you over at NPI?

Honestly, I truly believe he would have had so much more than that if Hatch hadn't practically killed him and the Habs hadn't concussed him.

Anonymous said...

I think I will be rooting for you guys tonight on versus. Don't give up hope yet! You have a chance of getting into the playoffs and you never know what might happen. My team THINKS it has a chance psh...we'll see.

Nadine said...

Amy Lynn: Dude, it's a Rangers game. I can't watch or listen to those. It just hurts too much. I end up sniveling in a corner wondering why the Flyers don't like wining anymore. (The only team that's worse...those frickin' Devils.)

Anonymous said...

OOOOO! *Big Hug* A point is a point though. You have to look at it that way.

Gotta keep the naive hope that they'll win the next time!

Nadine said...

Yippee! Richie scored in overtime for the win. One tiny little baby step closer.