Thursday, March 20, 2008

We are so predictable.

Once again, after a string of screw-ups that basically nixed any reasonable hope of making the playoffs, they make a last-ditch, last-minute effort to get there. Unlike recent years, however, for a few brief weeks, there was a whiff of something that could be (was) mistaken as reform, with JFJ being fired and all, being bottom dwelling and with the possibility of trading away a few of our overpriced no-trades (note: I was never a member of Team Trade Sundin). Well, those expectations have been cruelly dashed.

So what do you guys suggest now?

A. Hop on the bandwagon and believe against all odds that somehow, the hockey gods will have compassion and allow them to essentially win all their games from here on out and make those playoffs.

B. Resign myself to the most probable outcome and watch their (as of late) rather entertaining games while trying to ignore what a winning streak means for the future.

C. Start scouting for a new team to cheer for the rest of the season.

Right now I'm at B but if you're exceptionally convincing, I may be talked into changing my stance.

PS: I saw the goal Toskala let in the other day. Oh well.


Lucky13 said...

Hang in there, K. Choice A is not out of the question, but B may be a more sanity-preserving option. C is definitely out: take it from a Rangers fan. If I did that, I would have jumped ship several times a season, let alone come playoff time.

Anonymous said...

Well...I'm in the same position and I'm at B. Might as well watch the rest of the games and enjoy them as much as possible and get yourself pumped to watch whoever is in the playoffs.