Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Somehow, The Leafs Believe They'll Make the Playoffs

I knew being a Leafs fan required suspension of belief. I didn't realise that extended to the players.

The Buds put on a game 7, Cup Final worthy performance Tuesday night against the Flyers. It was one of those games were you couldn't believe how much grit, heart and soul the Leafs can really muster. It was one of those games were you couldn't figure out where the heck they'd been keeping performances like that.

5 more wins, or in modern NHL lingo, 10 fewer OTL/SO losses and the Flyers would have been nipping the Leafs heels for 8th in the East.

Memorable moments for Leafs fans this season have been few and far between - we've got tonight, let's back it last...

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Dare said...

Personally, I'm trying to figure out what the point of having Tlusty, Newbury, etc. up with the big club when they're playing 3:00 each game, obviously are not getting "a look for next year", and could, I don't know, be contributing on the Marlies.

I dunno, I went double or nothing with my supervisor on the Leafs making the playoffs this year, and since they already seem to have shot their lottery prospects in the foot, they might as well retain the delusional fantasy of making the playoffs.