Monday, March 10, 2008

Manon Rhéaume

The first female in the NHL...sweet!!


CKim said...

I totally remember seeing this when I was younger, and I remember the commentator saying that she was dating a defenseman on the team as well. They mentioned it while showing a clip of the two on the ice talking with no one around them. I remember thinking how freaking cool that was.

Anonymous said...

I say: Go Girl! She didn't stay long, but it's a step. Now who's next to break through? We'll have to see.

Nadine said...

At the time Manon played, there were no options for girls'/womens' ice hockey where I lived. I had her poster right next to Mogilny's.

She was a source of inspiration for me - and she still is because she's been the only one there.

Bethany said...

CKim, that is cool, I hadn't heard that, I will have to look for it.

Amy Lynn, yea we'll could be sooner than we think. It'll probably be my god daughter Kelsie ;) Ha.

Nadine, she is awesome, there is nothing here for female hockey...well sort of, but nothing really...and besides I'm sure I would suck. But, it is cool to look up to her.