Monday, March 17, 2008

Level of Ick

I am fairly certain the Phoenix Coyotes were scheduled to play Edmonton on Saturday night. In fact, looking at my handy magnetic schedule given out at each preseason game this year it shows that we were indeed supposed to host the Oilers. However, something must have come up because not one of the Coyotes showed up to play.

Technically they were there, we all saw them. But in the best sense of the word, no one actually played. In fact, the only players I can distinctly remember being on the ice were Roloson & Penner (and him only because every time I see him it's tradition to yell, "PENNERSQUEE" at him). Let me just point out that I was pretty out of it to begin with and so picking single players out of the crowd was not my strong point. Add to that the fact that we were sucking it up royally and you have me sitting around doing anything but paying attention to the game.

However, a few things stood out to me and I thought I would share with all you fine people so that you might enjoy the few things my team DID manage to stumble through.

1) Turnovers. Keith Yandle, my dear rookie, is going to give me an aneurysm from all the yelling at him for his brain farts. I love the kid to death but I'm really starting to understand why, at the beginning of the season, the Powers That Be were saying that he's very talented and needs to work on his defense.

2) Aforementioned brain farts. Ed Jovanovski (Jovocop) hasn't been playing too horribly lately. He's managed to stay healthy and hasn't given the masses many reasons to make up clever nicknames for all his stupid moves (Special Ed, etc.) However, last night wasn't his greatest game. I can't place all the blame on him, though. Like I said, no Coyotes were even present last night. We'll just leave it there.

3) Temper-tantrums. For once Carcillo (my middle name is misconduct) wasn't the one losing his cool. Sticks were flying last night, literally. My boy Bryz! slammed his (with warrior strength) into the glass behind the net when he let in a goal. I love the passion, truly. The almost taking off the ref's head I wasn't such a huge fan of. Not too long after that, Derek Morris broke his stick over the net when an empty netter was allowed.

Be nice to the sticks boys, it's not their fault you guys were having a crap night.

All in all, a 3 hour waste of my life. We really needed this win. I can only console myself with the fact that Roli turned around and beat the SJ Sharks, so it wasn't just a fluke for us.

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya. We just got a major loss to the Flames the other day and, believe me, the mental lapses were abundant. You guys are a few points ahead of us so we are in the same boat.