Saturday, March 08, 2008

Friday Five

Whoo! FRIDAY! It's been a long week, so I don't know how creative these will be...sorry.
1.) Do you follow baseball at all? If so, who is your team?
2.) What do you consider flip-flop (or open toed shoe) season?
3.) What is your favorite dairy product?
4.) Favorite kind of gum?
5.) What color is your laundry basket?


Steph said...

1. As if you don't know this...but I loooove baseball, and it's Tigers all the way!

2. As soon as it's warm enough that I can wear them comfortably, I do. Until it like, snows.

3. Um...I kind of love gelato. Does that have milk? It's almost like ice cream! I guess if it doesn't I'll just go with ice cream.

4. Big Red!

5. I don't actually have a laundry basket...but I have a crappy white foldup hamper and an obnoxious hot pink laundry bag.

Lucky13 said...

1. Yep - NY Mets
2. When the temp hits 80F
3. Vanilla milk shakes (boring, I know, but they work every time for me).
4. Ice breakers ice cubes peppermint or spearmint
5. Like my milk shakes - white

Kirsten said...

1.) Hell yes, but only after the hockey season. Mostly. Go Twins! (Boo Detroit/Bitch Sox/Cleveland)

2.) I now wear them year round, but in MN I wear them May-September roughly.

3.) Straight up milk, but only skim.

4.) Orbit spearmint

5.) I have a navy blue fold up laundry hamper here, but at home I have a lime green laundry basket. It's pretty sweet.

leanne said...

1. Why would I? Jays, I guess, because they're really the only team that gets shown at all here. I miss the Expos.

2) Once they scrape the gravel off the roads (this usually happens early May) to when they start sanding the roads again (your guess is as good as mine)

3) Cheese. Or ice cream? Not cheese ice cream.

4) Free. (We have a relative who works for a gum-producing company who sends us scores of packs at a time...)

5. More often than not, I'll just wrestle an armload down the stairs, without bothering with a basket...

Blitzen said...

1. We're buried under snow with more on the way. Can't even think about anything else.
2. Except for gym showers, it will never be flip-flop season again. I don't think this snow will ever go away.
3. Vanilla ice cream - but I may have to change that because I think I'm going snow blind.
4. Will find out when I can dig out the local Shoppers Drug Mart from under all the snow.
5. Whatever colour my floor is.

Man there's a lot of snow here.

Loser Domi said...

1.) Do you follow baseball at all? If so, who is your team?
--I don't, but out of respect for my grandfather who died in 2006, I am a Red Sox fan (ducks just in case)

2.) What do you consider flip-flop (or open toed shoe) season?
--when the mud is mostly dried out

3.) What is your favorite dairy product?
--I'm a yogurt fan

4.) Favorite kind of gum?
--don't really have one, but I hate the little blister packs it comes in

5.) What color is your laundry basket?
--I have a blue bag it goes in. Does that count?

Also, I think I saw my name on the blogroll. If this is correct, thanks to the person who put it there! I'm sorry I didn't thank you sooner--I only just now saw it.

McPhizzle said...

1) Eh, kinda... McMan HEARTS baseball, so I follow the Mariners with him and then the local team the Dust Devils (Thirsty Thursday means $1 beers and hot dogs!)

2) January-December. I don't like real shoes. :)

3) NONE! ok, so I heart dairy, but it does NOT heart me - rather the lactose doesn't. :(

4) Oooh... Stride Sweet Peppermint is usually in my handbag or Original Trident... Do they still make Bubblicious Cotton Candy flavor? That is some choice stuff.

5) They're both white - but I have a blue one filled with shoes.

Ellie said...

1) Blah baseball - i go for the beer and hot outfielder butts... : )

2) Summer

3) Cheese

4) Orbitz even though their commercials are annoying

5) I have two - one is black and one is silver

Kerri said...

Friday 5's on a Monday.

1.) Do you follow baseball at all? If so, who is your team?
New York Mets... although I don't follow all that closely. I like the Yankees, too, despite that not being typical.

2.) What do you consider flip-flop (or open toed shoe) season?
Summer? Or whenever it's hot.

3.) What is your favorite dairy product?
Ice cream, in particular mint chocolate chip. Yummm.

4.) Favorite kind of gum?
Orbit, any kind. Sweet mint is my favorite though. I alllllways have gum.

5.) What color is your laundry basket?
Tanish... like an egg-white, really.

KMS2 said...

1. I definitely do not follow baseball. I've been to a couple Dodger and Angels games over the years but could care less which team does better.

2. Flip-flop season is all year long.

3. Cheese. Or wait, does ice cream count?

4. I think it's Trident that has the combo flavored gum with the burst of flavor in the middle...the strawberry kiwi is my favorite.

5. I have one white basket and one black basket.

Rinslet said...

Not as religiously as hockey or CFL... but teamwise.. Sadly the Toronto Blue Jays and Seattle Mariners.

2.) Spring! And Summer!
3.) Chocolate! Cheese!
4.) Peppermint
5.) White with a silver stand.

Anonymous said...

1.) No
2.) 70F+
3.) cheese
4.) chewing
5.) white

Anonymous said...

1. Yes. The Los Angeles Angeles of Anaheim. What a name...huh?

2. When my toes wont freeze. I have already started wearing them, even to hockey games. I will wear them probably through november.

3. Ice cream, except it hurts my stomach.

4. Ice Breakers Raspberry Sorbet.

5. Blue.