Monday, March 24, 2008

The Columbus Blue Jackets

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It’s funny, this season has been the best season to be a Blue Jackets fan. It’s been one of heartache, one of hope, and really just a new beginning. While we may be out of the playoff picture now, we were in it to the mid March. Most of the time we are out at Christmas. How amazing is it to be able to say we fought, we were so close to making a spot. I wanted to wait to do this post until the end of the season, but, it’s just easier to do it now.

The Jackets started their season out with a bang. Our goaltender, Pascal Leclaire has nine shutouts to date. Here’s hoping for one more. Pazzy changed his game, he trained harder, he was in great shape when he entered training camp. Pazzy worked hard, and gained my trust, and my respect. I was a bit of a Freddy girl before.

Our Captain, Adam Foote was gone at the trade deadline, he left us for Colorado. We received a first round draft pick. Adam was the leader for this hockey club and deserves all the respect in the world. I refuse, REFUSE, to say anything bad about the man. He was a great addition to this hockey club, and while it is very sad for me that he is now gone, I am excited about our first rounder, and happy that Footer will be in the playoffs.

Sergei Fedorov, our aging vet, was gone also at the deadline. We received Teddy Ruth a d-man…don’t know too much about him but maybe someday. Feds is helping the Caps in their playoff race with his veteran leadership, and his play making ability (maybe I am not sure how many points he has had since going there HA). Feds was expensive but I couldn’t see the Jackets without him, last season he played on the blue line for us at the end of the season when our boys were injury plagued and well it was pretty pathetic.

Rick Nash, our new Captain. Since earning the ‘C’ he has been a force on the ice. Literally putting the team on his back and trying to carry us to victory. Nash has proved himself as an elite player in this league, playing on the penalty killing unit, the power play unit, and of course the top line. He may not have a top line center to feed him the puck but he is almost at 40 goals this season, imagine what he will do when we do sign that top line center. And, of course the thing I’ll remember most is the goal.

Nikolai Zherdev’s turn around this season has been the biggest surprise to me. He plays with passion. He plays like he wants to win and he plays for his team. I will never forget the game where he passed the puck when he could have had a hat trick. there were tears in my eyes, literally, as I sat on the couch watching in disbelief.

David Vyborny has had a horrible season, but he has meant so much to this team, since day one that I just hope that they sign him again and give him another chance.

I could go on and go through these guys one on one but I can’t. The future looks bright for the Jackets, and it just might be that next year is our year, simply by adding a few key players. Now, I just hope that Aaron Rome is a permanent fixture on the ice next season!!


Steph said...

Teddy Ruth is a freshman at Notre Dame this year so I've seen him play my Broncos a good three times now - he's a solid defenseman especially for his age but what was most impressing was his skating ability. And the team made it to the semi-finals of the CCHA championship by playing a very defensive style game, so I have to imagine that says something about him too.

Last game I was on headset with the broadcast truck and the guys were joking about whether it was more offensive to Fedorov that all he was worth was a green, untested prospect who might never make the league, or to Teddy Ruth that all HE was worth was a washed up Sergei Fedorov. Actually I don't think we ever decided which won out.

Bethany said...

I think they played OSU the week before the trade so if it would have happened sooner, then I could have seen him.
I am his friend on facebook now (haha I'm a dork) and everyone was leaving him comments and was like, dude I always knew you were better than Fedorov, which I thought was funny but...maybe it's just me?

Anonymous said...

Well that's always good to have positive feelings when nearing the end of a season. We'll have to see what they can do to us on Wednesday and Sunday. :P

Bethany said...

Haha should be some good games, I'm pumped to see your young kids, for the first time this season.

Steph said...

Yeah the trade had just broken a couple days before that game, so it was still big news - and it was a televised game so FSN couldn't get enough of it :P Hope he pans out for you!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, our little boys are a couple of beasties to say the least!