Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Bad Case of the Dingies

Dear Bears,

Step it the heck back up. Eric Fehr was not this whole team in the last 10 games. Andrew Gordon, thank you for trying to make up for the rest of the heartlessness out there last night by getting your second hat trick of the season. You can have a puppy treat. Deano, thank you for stepping up when Louie Robitaille chickened out. You can have half a puppy treat. When you remember you're wearing the C and it's your job to motivate the guys out of whatever the heck funk they think they're in, you can have the other half. Joe Motzko....augggghhhhh *throws hands up in despair.*

Love, Teka.

Quit calling me names!bears_pirates 2_6 094


Bethany said...

At least Sasha Pokulok is a sexy beast...right........RIGHT!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!

Black said...

that's Bobby Ryan of my Portland Pirates in that photo. that must be the 4-3 Pirates win!!