Friday, January 11, 2008

My Favorite Flyer

Recently, my friend Ryan speculated that my favorite Flyer, Sami Kapanen, looked like trade bait if he didn't score soon. While anything is possible, I decided not to make my appeal in the once-traditional, back-and-forth message exchange. (That's so 1996!)

Instead, here are the top five reasons I gave Ryan as to why Sami Kapanen is my favorite and how he ended up on my sweater.

(Most of the linked items below are on YouTube. The two in # 3 and 4 are not. They'll all pop up as separate windows.)

5. Sami always looks so happy when he scores or helps someone else do it.

4. While he's not always the biggest talker, Sami means what he says and isn't afraid to just say it. (I love this 8/2/2007 interview on the Steve and Preston Show, but you need to have 10 minutes to listen to it.)

3. Sami, like Gator, seems to be a family guy who plays hockey for a living.

2. Three words: Darcy Tucker's hit.

1. Sami has always been known for his awesome physical conditioning, work ethic and speed.


WufPirate said...

Easily one of my fave X-Canes as well.

Nadine said...

See, another point in his favor...I don't hate his ex-team.

Maybe I have some hard feelings about losing Brind'Amour to y'all, but I think we've balanced it out rather well all things considered.

Alternatively, I could blame it on the fact that I can't passionately dislike the 'Canes. They used to be the Whalers and that counts for a lot in my "Why, Bettman" mind.