Sunday, January 13, 2008

confessions of a somewhat wayward Leaf fan

It's been pretty hard to get excited about watching the Leafs this season. I mean, not all of this is their fault. I don't follow them because I'm expecting excellence. But a perfect storm of real-life obligations and their less than mediocre efforts has resulted in somewhat flagging interest on my part. I still watch most of the games, although now I react with not a small modicum of alarm if it appears they'll win it (granted, not a common occurrence lately) because it seems that all it takes is a couple of victories for management to decide everything's all right. Keep in mind I've never been a wholehearted advocate for rebuilding because I am one of those fans that value short-term gratification perhaps more than I should. I figure only one team can win it all, right? What are the chances, even for a team that's almost doing everything right (no names)?

Anyway, with that defeatist attitude, I'm eagerly, but not expectantly waiting for someone to be canned. Perhaps a public where the camera pans up to JFJ getting a drink tossed on him by a higher-up and being shown the door.


Ok, I felt kind of bad writing that. This mess isn't totally his fault. I suppose in theory we're still a playoff contender.

I watched the Toronto-San Jose game this Saturday. For his sake, I'm glad JR never made his way here. This organization turns decent players subpar, so forget about career revival here.

PS - I just labeled this post. "Leafs suck" is a preset label?


Shan said...

The Leafs' problems really do run deep into the ownership. The smart thing to do is rebuild because this team isn't good enough to win. Owners were willing to stick with this GM and coach at the beginning of the season because they were overachieving at the time and it seemed the Leafs might make a playoff run. Now that reality is sinking in, everyone is looking bad. Replacing JFJ now won't actually make the team that much better, unless you can find someone fantastic who will make some major trade deadline moves, but that's unlikely. So now they have to sit back and stop micromanaging, allow John Ferguson Jr. to make a play for Sundin and accept the fact that they have to rebuild. But I think Petty doesn't want to do that, so they might try to make some kind of cosmetic change and hope the leafs play better to reduce some of the pressure.

Tracy said...

I think the Leafs suck is a Jordi tag. Then again, I take that back because probably everyone here (even Leafs' fans) have uttered that phrase one time or another.

I, myself, sing it when I'm pissed at them for something. Heard the spoof song made to the Outkast "Hey Ya" beat? Every once in a while I'll hobble around my house (yes, hobble... after kicking my TV) and sing, "Leeeeeafs suck. Leafs suck!" I lead an interesting life.

HabsFan29 said...

the "Leafs suck" tag is part of Blogger. Every hockey or Canadian blog has it pre-installed. We've used it too many times to count

but they won last night! all is good! Leafs all the way!!! Toskala for the Vezina! Mats for MVP!

/average Leafs fan impression

Tracy said...

I think you might be right... my blog (even though I can't remember ever writing about the Leafs) also has the set label of "Leafs Suck". Who knew?