Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Chomp chomp... Sharks anyone?

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  • #1 is the obligatory, I ♥ Big Joe. 56 Points and still as cute as a big, furry button.
  • Cheech... Where do I begin? His eyes are creepier this year... Maybe when he's back to 100% the creepy eyes will fade back and he'll be putting the points up again - or maybe the creepy eyes will stay and he'll score more. Hell, if I was in net and saw the crazy-man, intense eyeballs of Jon Cheechoo, I'd step aside and say, "Your net, sir?" in fear of being turned to stone if I didn't.
  • Trades... Hammer and I were talking about this on Saturday night while the Redwings were stomping on my already horrible hockey-night. We spoke of Cap'n Patty and how he's not flourishing under RW and maybe could be back to his full potential somewhere else, but I brought up the point that NO ONE seems to be flourishing. Plus, I don't know if we'd get his full value in a trade right now. (That and I want my former TBird to stay a sharkie!)
  • Goaltending. Haven't seen enough of the back-ups to say if they should be in net more, but I think anyone anyone who remembers how I went into mourning after the Toskala trade or who has seen or heard me watch the Sharks this season can tell you what I think of the tender who is normally in net. I'm a Goalie Girl... for me to roll my eyes every time he skates out is a BIG deal. le sigh.


Kirsten said...

Hahaha, "cute as a big, furry button". That's hilariously awesome.

McPhizzle said...

Haha.... I have my moments - but let's give the credit to Mr. Thornton for maintaining his ruggish good looks

Kirsten said...

And don't forget the entertainment factor.