Saturday, December 08, 2007

Of All Times for The Computer to Die

Why oh why must my work computer have a hard disk crash in the midst of a winning streak by my hockey team?

In brief, Nik Antropov(Nuklear Nik) scored the second hat trick of his career, and first in eight years, during the Thursday night match up between the Leafs and Rangers. The prettiest goal of the night, and likely the season for the Leafs came on a lovely passing play between Deveraux, Stajan, and Steen. Steen potted the goal.

Rangers powers that be would not allow Toronto broadcaster Howard BErger into the press box for the game due to his involvement in the Tucker/Avery/Blake game of he said, he said. Rather petty if you ask me.

Sunday afternoon I am going to a charity skate featuring current Leafs Andy Wozniewski, Vesa Toskala, Alexander Steen, and Leafs alumni Mike Pelyk, Lou Franceschetti, and Peter Zezel. Just this once I'd like my hair to look better than Zezel's!

If anyone sees footage of the event, I'll be the chunky chick falling on her arse. I'm looking forward to this event as there are very few opportunities to meet the Leafs.


PPP said...

wPlease take the chance to tell Make-A-Wish Wozniewski to fake an injury for the good of the team.

Ms. M's Miscellany said...

I would sweetie but sad as it sounds he can still outskate me!

Kerriberry7228 said...

Rangers denied that they were not letting him in the press box.

Just saying. :-)

And to play devil's advocate, if you are going to take part in irresponsible journalism... well, you can catch my drift.