Monday, December 10, 2007

Lightning Doused by Leafs

The Tampa Bay Lightning continued their road trip blues, much to the delight of Leafs fans. After a scoreless 1st period, the Leafs exploded onto the score sheet in the next 20 minutes with 4 goals in 4:42. Despite a roster full of offensive talent, the Bolts could only muster one goal, by Michel Ouellet with one minute left in the 2nd.

Vesa Toskala, who has been sensational for the Buds even provided an assist on Sundin's 15th goal of the season. Chad Kilger potted two goals, and Jason Blake continued his improved scoring. Antropov and Stajan also notched a goal a piece.

Side notes include the solid defensive play of Hal Gill, which is showing up on the scoresheet; he now has 14 points - 1 G, 13A.

The win was a nice touch for Leafs fans who endured some awful games at ACC during the earlier part of the season. The win will be the last game the Leafs play for a while, as the next 7 are all on the road.


k.le said...

I missed a fun game writing an exam...
*shakes fist*

Finny said...

this was depressing... for me as a Shane/TB fan... *sigh* glad they were able to get ONE for the road.