Monday, December 03, 2007


So... the Flames are in their worst slump since Darryl Sutter took over five years ago, and... I'm still on cloud nine.

That's right! I was at the game Saturday to see Calgary lose to Bethany's Blue Jackets, and it was probably one of the best hockey experiences of my life, to the point where I actually kicked myself for not having a camera.

Reason is, we got free tickets to the game from a relative. And, better yet, these tickets were for the second row behind the Flames bench. Stunning! My eyes got wide in a way they haven't been for a while, and I have to confess there was just too much to take in, during the game. It's not that the view is particularly good from down there, but that the game is right in your face. You could hear the guys cheering Iggy as he got back from his fight. You could see the assistant coaches getting more and more frustrated. You could see Dion and Rick Nash, and omigod, what young giants they are!

I did pipe down for a bit. Didn't want Keenan turning around and glaring at me, after all. But after a while, it was obvious that these guys were so focused they wouldn't have known if I was blonde, or had a green nose.

Which brings me to ask: What is the most amazing hockey experience you've ever had?

I've had a few others - getting four lower bowl seats for my birthday many (let's not say how many, but Gretzky was still playing for LA) years ago. Seeing the Red Mile bloom from afar, right on the lawn of my old high school. The World Cup in '96, even if I was sitting right underneath the rafters... Oh. Tiny deal what with winning the Stanley Cup, that kind of thing...

And PS, Bethany: Those new uniforms + red trunks + sitting lots makes the Blue Jackets look like the entire team is having incontinence issues. Thank goodness our trunks are black!


Kirsten said...

Oooooh, you got to sit near Pretty Ricky Part II? HOT.

leanne said...

Well...the Calgary bench was directly in front of me, so not Ricky... but all of MY boys, yes!

Elly said...

Walking up the hill in February of last year and getting my first view of the Igloo. It was very lightly snowing, the lights were all on, it was terribly cold, and there were more Penguins fans than I had ever seen in my entire life, all going to the same place I was. It might not really sound like much, but it was a sight I had waited to see for many many years. To finally be the home team! I sat inside during the intermission and just leaned back and looked at the Cup banners, the rim around the arena that had all the names of the Penguins was wonderful.

And, to top it off, the Pens whooped the Leafs 8-2. Amazing game.

Bethany said...

Sigh...why must you make fun of my boys....oh least we won :P