Friday, November 16, 2007

Totally Panicking

So maybe it's unwarranted, or maybe I'm too emotionally invested in my favorite hockey team. Whatever. For the past week, I have been in a constant state of panic about my team, up and down, since Saturday night's loss to the LA Kings.

After Saturday, I had a feeling something was going to change. On Tuesday, the Stars fired GM Doug Armstrong, and named Brett Hull and Les Jackson co-interim-GMs. On Wednesday, president Jim Lites stepped down (I have my own theories on this, but that's for a rainy day), and Jeff Cogen, former president of the Texas Rangers baseball team, was given a shiny new position.

Even though Hull and Jackson have said numerous times that they are going to evaluate what they have before making any stupid trades, I can't help but be ridiculously nervous. Two of my favorite players are rookies (well, Mike Smith is in his second season, but that still qualifies). I'm fairly certain they won't get traded, as Niskanen is playing extremely well, and Smith proved his worth last season (not so much this season, but then again, Marty Turco isn't playing so well either), but this panicked vibe around the team and the media and the fans is not doing my brain so well.

I'm mostly posting this to see if a) people think I'm a moron, or b) people have gone through this insanity before and have any words of suggestion.


Lucky13 said...

A) you are not a moron - you are in tune with your team, as most of us feel we are, and b)I get that feeling more in the off-season as contract deadlines approach, but I do feel your pain.

Elly said...

As a Penguins fan, my advice is to look for the positives and repeat to yourself, 'things can always get worse'. Change is always hard, but things even out in the end.

Z4Dfense said...

Not a moron at all. The management change doesn't mean a total team revamp, might be just what the team needs to kick them into high gear. Niskanen has done really well for a baby D (I've been really impressed by his composure so far)and Smitty rocked last season (and will probably get a lot more starts if Marty keeps playin like a startled fawn).

It's more of a way of life in Phoenix. We're used to it. But just hunker down w/ some cocoa and replay a game where everything went right for the team. You'll feel better for at least 3 hours (if you don't fast forward).

Earl Sleek said...

b) people have gone through this insanity before and have any words of suggestion.

Two words: drinking helps.