Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Star Sundin Shines in the Dimness of Leafs Land

Mats Sundin's career is the hockey equivalent of the expression, "You can't soar like an eagle when you're stuck with turkeys."

During his 14 season tenure with the Leafs, Sundin has rarely had a winger with skills to match his own. The closest he ever got was an aging Alexander Mogilny on his right wing. Despite this, Sundin has broken team records for most goal, most assists, and last night, in typical Captain Clutch fashion, he scored his 400th goal as a Toronto Maple Leaf to tie the game with 20 secinds left, and send it to OT.

Earlier that day this interview appeared in the Toronto Sun

For long suffering Leafs fans, Sundin at least gives us something to cheer about.

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Shan said...

Yeah, and he scored in the shootout. Of course, I was exasperated when he scored the game-tying goal. But the Habs got the two points, so that's good. They should be able to close those games out in regulation though. Gotta tie up the enemy's best player on the ice.