Monday, November 26, 2007

Hockey on Bourbon Street

Well, I can't top that Louvre story but it did remind me of an odd place to encounter hockey. A few years ago I watched SJ get knocked out of the playoffs, by Colorado, from my French Quarter hotel room. The next night, as I strolled Bourbon Street with my mom and sister, I spied hockey on a TV in a bar. I can't remember which teams were playing but I dragged the family over to watch for a few moments (sadly for me, they refused to go in and watch for a longer time). While we stood there a couple stopped to watch, too. They were from Canada and I think they were Leafs fans. We had a nice chat and then mom and sister dragged me away.

I suppose it is not too odd since Bourbon Street is a tourist magnet and there are bound to be people who'd like to watch hockey, especially playoffs. I think it is the oddest place I ever encountered it, though. .

This was awhile after New Orleans booted its ECHL team (yes, it had one; The Brass, it was called) out of the arena in favor of the Hornets. Killed my dream of watching live hockey in the Big Easy.

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Shmee said...

That story seals New Orleans as the greatest city I havent been to in the US(it was competeting with Portland, OR)