Monday, November 05, 2007

funnies for the week

Is it wrong to enjoy this too much?

One would think that Coaches had better things to do:

Is Tampa Bay coach John Tortorella on the NHL hot seat this week? The Ottawa Sun, quoting NHL insiders, reported he might be.
Tampa went into Saturday's game under .500 (5-6-1), the club is 0-6 on the road. The Sun reported Tortorella was so upset at one point, he took the team for a bus ride around Manhattan in their equipment.

And more:
This can't be true: Did New Jersey coach Brent Sutter really send one of his assistants to G Martin Brodeur's room at 11 p.m. to do a bed check on the road?


Blitzen said...

I thought I had heard a story about Tortti taking the team on a bus ride in their gear. How bush league is that?!Junior coaches wouldn't get respect for a stunt like that. I can't imagine what a team building event that was for the NHLers.

Kerriberry7228 said...

Worried Marty was out with his sister in law again.

I mean, wanted his goaltender to get tons of rest for that 9 game road trip they began the season on.