Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Does Vermont count as strange?

I work in a sports bar, and although that's still home, we do get a lot of interesting traffic (and since all my trips out of state recently have been hockey related, seeing a Pens fan at the Kettler Iceplex isn't such a big surprise). I've met some neat people in my time there, and some hockey fans as well, but aside from meeting a Dallas fan last year, my best find was a local that was wearing a Luongo Panther's t-shirt, and having a nice little chat with him about Mr. Roboto.

Does meeting John Leclair's college roommate while walking my dog count?


Shmee said...

As a former Vermonter, I can tell you that John LeClair's former roomie def counts. GO CATAMOUNTS!

Elly said...

Whoooo UVM! (Norwich is actually doing pretty well right now)