Sunday, November 18, 2007

Back to Normal

True to form, the Sharks got beat in the shootout again. The other night against Dallas appears to have been a fluke rather than a turning point. Though the Sharks played a good game against the Ducks, I feel bitter. I never liked the idea of the shootout to begin with, and my favorite team being horrid at it does nothing to change my mind.

The team has a whole week off until the next game. I'll have to tune into Versus to get my hockey fix this week, as I just can't afford Center Ice this year.

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McPhizzle said...

The only way I like shootouts is in person, and that's just because it makes my heart race like I've just run a mile, and technically, doesn't that count as aerobic exercise? ;)

I got Center Ice as a gift this year, but with the way the Sharks' season is starting, I probably could've lived with the hockey coverage on Versus and HDNet (at McMan's house).