Thursday, October 11, 2007

What were your names again?

I waited long enough, and now it’s time to ask the question: Hello? Anybody home???

Okay, that’s two questions, and I know it’s early in the season, but unless you’ve never heard of hockey, or you live under a rock, you are aware of the off-season acquisitions for the New York Rangers that generated enough optimism and hooplah to carry us through to the drop of the preseason puck. I’m talking about Chris Drury and Scott Gomez, and to them I ask the question: Where are you???

I had my druthers about both of them: Mr. Drury, whom I affectionately call the Ranger Slayer, since his “clutch” goal in the playoffs with 7.7 sec on the clock all but sealed the Rangers’ post-season fate this year, has yet to impress me. Yeah, I know – he always loved the Rangers and it’s a dream-come-true to be playing in New York, yadda, yadda, yadda. Make Ranger fans’ dream come true, buddy - show me the numbers.

As for Gomez (who is “goal-less”), well, he came straight across the river and in my mind that counts as 2 and a half strikes against him. He has a much higher climb to prove himself worthy of the blueness, and it ain’t happening. Anybody home?

And a blog entry from me wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging my boy Jed Ortmeyer, former Ranger, current Predator. I love you, man, but come on – you had as many goals in this preseason (one shg no less) as you did in 41 games last season! Where were YOU six months ago? Okay, maybe that’s a bit harsh since your job as a fourth-liner was not specifically to tally up goals (would have been nice), and maybe all you needed was to skate on a scoring line along side JJ. Well, the guy who did get that spot happens to be the Ranger Slayer. He has it all now: high-profile team, the #23 jersey, first-line center to the captain – does it get any better? Maybe not, but he should be better – at popping goals.

And I don’t buy this “chemistry” crap. Are ya good enough or not? Comrie’s doing it. Stastny’s doing it. Sheesh even Briere’s doing it. Why can’t Drury and Gomez do it? Let’s see some numbers, boys (and not PIM)!! I’ll try to be patient (not), and I really do want to like you (maybe), so earn your inflated salaries and make us proud…please!


Kerriberry7228 said...
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KMS2 said...

It would have been fun to have had you here during the free agency frenzy. I've been wondering what Rangers fans have been thinking so I'm glad you posted something about it.

Dare said...

Drury's got three points in three games. I mean, he's never been a PPG player, ever, and his strengths lie in more than just lighting up the board.

I think chemistry is a huge component of it. I mean, there's a reason why buying a team in hockey is far less successful than other sports (*cough* baseball), IMO. I think you're seeing it across the league with a lot of the "high expectations" FA signings - Jason Blake in Toronto, the "who will centre Ovechkin?" questions in Washington. Briere and Gagne have clicked in Philly, but I'd strongly argue that they're an exception and not the rule.

Comrie...yeah, I dunno how to explain that FA line. I'm going to continue to believe it's an anomaly and his current scoring pace will in no uncertain terms end.

Who are Stastny's linemates right now, anyways? I was under the impression they hadn't changed too much from last year.

kristin said...

I am especially wondering about Gomez...I have him on my fantasy team and he hasn't registered a stat yet. I was wondering if they were even playing him, but I do see he is getting like 20 minutes of ice time every game. What is going on?

Heather B. said...

Drury's numbers are never going to be mind-boggling. I think his goals last season will be his career high. That's not to say he won't contribute because he definitely will... but it might not be as noticebable as looking at stats. It also sounds like maybe he's being pressed into roles I'm not sure he's right for. He's not a top line center and probably shouldn't be playing with Jagr - I just don't see how their styles mesh at all. And I heard mention of him doing some of the dirty work while Avery's out to which I say what the hell? That's not Drury. He's a hard worker but he's not a scrapper.

The Rangers are definitely going to be one of the most interesting stories this season, I think. So much could go right. So much could go wrong.