Saturday, October 27, 2007

Spotlight on the Ladies

I meant to post a link to this last week but...senility is kind of tricky and I forgot.

There's a nice article over on about female sports bloggers that everyone should read - and I'm not just saying that because I got interviewed for it. Really. I swear.


Interchangeable Parts said...

Awesome interview, CC!

And thanks for getting HLOG mentioned! :)

HG said...

Whooo! Well done, CC! It's the great publicity like this that makes HLOG wonderful. It's just another reason to make sure HLOG keeps growing and creating a comfortable environment for female hockey fans.

Tracy said...

HOLLA!! Go you, I got the happy chills reading that. Good times. Good times.

Nadine said...

CC, fantastic! I'm happy to see "our" sport mentioned with two of the big three.

(And I completely agree about the lack of a male equivalent for "puckbunny." Such a tired double standard.)

Anonymous said...

I'd make the male equivalent of puckbunny "douchebag" or perhaps "tool"

But I might be biased.

Lucky13 said...

Capschick: well done! Great plug for hlog and anti-puckbunnies (although a momentary lapse into puckbunniness is sometimes unavoidable). Teka - I nearly spit out my coffee with that one. Hilarious.