Thursday, October 18, 2007

Finally, a road win

My Stars finally won a game on the road this season (my recap of the game, which was pretty awesome, is here)! In seasons past, they've been a pretty good road team, but this season has been pretty bad (a 4-3 loss against Colorado, 5-1 loss to Nashville, and last Saturday's 2-1 OT loss to Chicago). Last night's game puts us at 3-2-2, and the Stars have edged past San Jose for current second place in the Pacific.

Anyone remember when the Pacific was one of the toughest divisions in hockey? You know, like, last season, when a Pacific team won the Cup? What happened to that? Not that the teams aren't doing well, but from what I've seen (which, admittedly, isn't as much as I'd like - I've seen every Stars game, but not all of the other teams' games), it's not looking nearly as good as last season. I'll chalk it up to the season still being fresh.

Now, I've said that the Stars won, and yet some Stars fans (the annoying ones) are all "that might as well have been a loss - the shootout isn't going to help them in the playoffs". While that may be true, the Stars still got their points, which will help lead them TO the playoffs. Whether they can get out of the first round is something only time can tell, really.


Tracy said...

You tell your whiney Stars fans that we Coyotes fans have come up with a mantra for this situation.

"A win is a win. shut the hell up and take it."

That being said, I hate your team, I was cheering for Columbus. :P

Cat said...

Dude, I really do need to tell them that. Because seriously, who had more points on the board? Stars fans are irritating - they win, fans whine. They lose, fans whine. WHAT DO YOU WANT, STARS FANS?

Bethany said...

I hate the Stars...and I hate that you won!! But I love you my HLOG sista!!