Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tuppo suspended for being physically unfit.

Wait. WHAT? The poor guy gets heart surgery and the team screws him over. Pisani breaks like spaghetti and he gets to stay.

Um. I'm sure when I wake up, the problem will be over but wow - what assholes.


Meg said...

I'm not saying that it doesn't seem callous, or that it couldn't have been handled better, but the NHL is a business; it's about making money. As a business the team is entitled to protect their financial well-being in this way. If I was too sick to go into work for a long period of time, and my place of employment didn't have disability insurance, they wouldn't just suspend me without pay. The same holds true for most workplaces. And apparently that includes the NHL. It's not nice, and good for those other teams that choose not to suspend their players--most of whom, unlike Teppo, are on insured contracts for whatever that's worth--but that doesn't mean the team is screwing him over here. It's just behaving like a business where the bottom line matters. I imagine that Teppo knows that.

Heather B. said...

I'm also not going to say that it doesn't appear cold but I will say this: I highly doubt that Teppo and Darcy Regier haven't discussed what would happen in a situation like this. Teppo's contract was also uninsured because of his heart condition which changes things. His pay has salary and cap ramifications. It sucks but it is a business. I also think we're not hearing the whole story and unfortunately the extremely biased local media isn't going to take the time to figure out what the whole story is. The bottom line for me is that Teppo doesn't seem particularly surprised by or upset by the suspension.