Saturday, August 04, 2007

Why renting D2 is a good idea.

This time our new movie night has a change. It's going to be held on 6pm ET SUNDAY 12th. I know you west coasters will complain about your actual life. But think of it this way, what's the point going out during the day when you could do everything at night? With drinks! People at 6pm, you can do the same thing. It's a 2 hour movie. Don't be a wuss.

So Mighty Ducks 2, remember to hit me on aim before the time so I can make it happen. I know this is last minute. But its been a long week mmkay?


KMS2 said...

I might have to sit this one out because I don't think I have ever enjoyed D2. Maybe I'll just watch The Cutting Edge at the same time and quote the movie in the AIM chat and everyone will get pissed at me for watching the correct movie.

Hockey_Princess said...

I finally got the whole set, so if I'm home in time I'd love to watch and chat.