Friday, August 31, 2007

HLOG does the AIHL Finals

We’ve counted down and it’s finally here.
Positions have been set, opponents decided and enemies created.
Tickets have been bought, face paint chosen and pom poms shaken.
Tomorrow it begins!

The next two days shall feature the best of the best in the AIHL (Australian Ice Hockey League for the uneducated among you). Four teams are in the finals covering three states with teams coming from Newcastle (the Insinki North Stars) Sydney (the Penrith Bears), Adelaide (the Adelaide Avalanche) and Melbourne (THE MELBOURNEEEEEEEEEE ICE!).

My own team the Brisbane Bluetongues missed out by 3 points (one win) after suffering a crushing defeat by one goal in the final 5 minutes on Sunday.

But this weekend brings hope! (Go Ice, Go Bears)

Jordi and I shall be meeting bright and early tomorrow morning at 8 30 am (myself travelling down from Brisbane and her up from Melbourne) and the weekend shall be spent watching hockey, engaging in much merriment (there’s a team dinner to be attend and a pub with margarita jugs between our hotel and the rink) and good natured heckling.

And when we return! We shall report!

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Kirsten said...

On the name alone I think I am obligated to cheer for the North Stars.