Thursday, August 09, 2007

The adventures of Jordi in Hockeyland

I wonder when Jussi now signs something, if it’ll be decorated with the Jokerit logo rather than his beloved dream team – his Edmonton Oilers. And with that sad little musing aside, I will start with my latest gain: One Edmonton Oilers Vintage Jersey.

And special thanks to my sister, who had told me to put it on her credit card and refused to hear anything else of it. She is the only person in my family who understands how much I take my hockey seriously.

The jersey wasn’t without its delays – where the amish offices of TNT just only worked on half days or some shit. Either way, when the jersey came in the little package, I was jumping for joy. However, I can’t help but explain that it came at the best moment for me. I had more or less, been having a horrible time lately. And life was falling to pieces in a kind of half-frustration to me. In my horrible attempt at optimism – there’s only so many times you can tell yourself to keep your chin up.

So when I was looking at this piece of rag with little scribbles (oh silly me, did I mention it was SIGNED?), I got a little emotional and weepy. And yes, pitiful Jordi, clutching her fragment of nostalgia. It still amazed me how much it cheered me up, to help me smile even when the world was kicking me in the ass.

And it’s been approximately over a year since I started writing unending scribbles on my infatuation over a sport that I have still yet to fully comprehend the full awesomeness of it. I have met some great people, fallen in love with a player or two and my teams are both wasting themselves into oblivion.

And well yeah, it’s wonderful. I feel content and satisfied. And maybe when I do tend to follow the words “Kevin Lowe” with a spit, I have some kind of renewed puppy eyed hope for my Oilers. After all, they do rock hard.

But more importantly, what do I do with this ugly horrible Pronger/Peca stain on the Jersey?

(PS. Mighty Ducks 2 on Sunday 6pm. If you haven’t rented, do it NOW)


admin said...

Ohmygosh you got it! Are you going to wear it all the time or what?

Bethany said...

Oh my Jordi that's awesome!! And, I won't be watching D2 :( I will be at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame............I am sad. Have fun without me.

Tracy said...

Good grief Jordi.

How I love you.

Kirsten said...