Monday, June 18, 2007

Random (positively spun) WashCaps-related miscellany

A. I think one of the best hockey-related stories I've heard is one where Ovechkin shows off to a reporter a collection of hockey sticks personally signed by players around the league, including one by Sidney Crosby. This was last year too...when there was that whole Crosby vs. Ovechkin thing. (read this in the Toronto Star, going by memory).

B. The Washington Capitals vs. the Leafs is a way cool, money-making, crowd-pleasing match-up. On what do I base this statement? Washington games are almost always on Leafs TV. This means I've barely ever watched them in action. Not a great position from which to be writing this post.

C. I like the crisp, original Capitals logo. It's very straightforward. None of this arbitrary symbol crap. Just a hockey stick, cause that's what they do. While we're on this, I also have a great fondness for the old school Vancouver logo, with the rink and the's hilarious. You guys don't beat around the bush.

D. Ok, so the Caps finished 14th out of 15 teams in the conference. This means they can only go up from here.

E. You have Alexander Ovechkin, someone any GM would be over the moon to have on their team. He's the whole package. Great at hockey, and an actual 3-dimensional character that offers better sound bites than the average player. So go ahead. Rub it in our faces.


Ellie said...

haha - AO is too much. i think i remember hearing he had to buy another suitcase to lug home all the signed stuff he got at the all star game. don't know if that's true or not but it wouldn't surprise me!

Anonymous said...

I just really wish someone would convince AO that underwear is called that because it's supposed to hide UNDER the pants.

He and Malkin.... they need some fashion help. Can we What Not to Wear them?

Shmee said...

All this love that the Caps have been getting is awesome.

Ellie, I wouldnt be surprised if that is true.

Britannia: I think Gonchar might be the worst. I once saw a pic of him in what looked like an all leather outfit.

Another hilarious AO moment (in fact, the whole thing is hilarious). He is at about 1:10:

k.le said...

ellie: i sort of cheated and structured it the same way you did...except i used letters instead of numbers to throw people off...did it work?

britannia: noooo. haha...i like their...non-conformist fashion sense.

shmee: next year, i'm going to win the pool. this blog is sorely lacking in leafs love.