Thursday, June 21, 2007

Name that guy

Calgary's got a bunch of them. Budding young stars...fated to become answers in trivia questions, because we drafted them, and then they never panned out.

Who was a dud for you? Name a guy who was a) taken in the first two rounds, b) showed a lot of potential and led you on for years, or c) never made it to the big leagues, played only a few games in the big leagues, or toiled in obscurity for a bit and is currently playing in Uzbekistan.

I know you've got them! Bring them out for us all to see and belittle...

(I'm looking at you, Daniel Tkachuk. Yes, YOU. Also you, Jesper Mattson. And you, Rico Fata. And... )

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Isleschick said...

Scott Scissons (6th overall in '90) is one of our most famous disappointments but (9th overall in 1994) Brett Lindros for me is why sometimes you just don't draft the brother of a concussion prone player.