Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Ted Nolan is arguably the greatest human ever to wear a lilac tie. Proof? As thousands cheer, the New York Islanders have bought out the remaining four years on lackluster captain Alexei Yashin. This clears cap room and karma for the organization to pretend that they're going to sign Ryan Smyth and Jason Blake. It gives way for Nolan to build a gritty, lilac tie-wearing team in his image. It reminds fans that a six-year chorus of boos for an icon of the destruction of a once-great franchise did not go unheard. Turtlenecks around the world bow their unflattering collars in respect to their greatest champion today. Islanders fans, however, have their heads up in the clouds.

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Schnookie said...

Margee, this must be the happiest day of your life! Congratulations on surviving Yashin's reign of terror!