Thursday, June 07, 2007

Hockey Night in Canada

Here's Hockey Night in Canada's playoff tribute...I thought it was awesome and thought I would share.


McPhizzle said...

Right before I watched, I had just gotten done psyching myself out for summer... Now I want hockey to start again. Tomorrow.

Thanks for posting that was fatastic.

Heather B. said...

Ryan! Yeah, I'm pumped for next season now too. How many days till training camp?

Bethany said...

I can't wait for next season!! My DVR erased all my games I had I only have the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals on there :(

Jordi said...


Isleschick said...

I am really psyched for next season!

Paige said...

I know that's supposed to get me all pumped up for next season, but I'm sitting her nearly in tears. It's so sad, I miss my boys sooooo much, and I didn't realize how much until seeing this.
Afinogenov sliding down center ice
Drury scoring with 6.7 seconds left
Lindy screaming from the bench
It's all so sad.......!

I know that Anaheim played well and all, and the players definetly deserved it, but I'm dissappointed it went to a team w/ so little fan support. The palm trees in the video were killing me.

Bethany said...

Paige you will take serious heat for that comment...did you not see that place last night?

Doogie said...

Fantastic video. Very well-produced. Reflexively wince-flinched when Islanders Smytty came on screen, but otherwise great.