Friday, June 22, 2007

Goobye Vesa

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I was minutes away from my draft day speculation when I saw that Toskala and Bell had been traded to Toronto for picks that include the first round, which the Sharks had not had. However, DW is known for trading up on draft day so my prediction was going to include such a maneuver. A shocker, that included Marleau (the subject of many rumors in hockey cyberspace) or the more expected trade of one of the goalies, were both things I was going to mention. I am not surprised that it was Toskala, as he is the cheaper of the two goalies and Nabby is saddled with that no trade clause.

I was a bit surprised that DW would give up on Bell so soon, however. We all know that he had a terrible year, both personally and professionally, practically from the moment he set foot in the Bay Area. I say good riddance but there are those who would have liked to see him get a chance to get his act together. Ok, I said good riddance but it is not in my nature to be too mean spirited, so I hope he can get his act together in Toronto.

As for what DW will draft for in that first round today, I cannot speculate, as I have not been paying much attention to the prospects, since I've been hearing this year is not that deep. He must have someone particular in mind to have gone for today's trade. Another defensemen, probably, though I think we need a goal scorer now that we just have Nabby, who, for some reason, the team does not score as much for as they did for Toskala.

I have to edit again: I have been reading that SJ has the option of using the first round pick this year or next year. So, perhaps there is someone DW wants but if not available by the time the 13th pick comes, he could defer the pick 'till next year, is how I am understanding this. Wow, I really did sleep too late, if it took me several hours to understand this.

Add: Mike Chen of Mike Chen's Hockey Blog interviewed Doug Wilson recently, based on his readers' questions. He has the full transcript posted.


Jordi said...

I'm so mad, so mad that Toskala had to leave. It seems so expected but unexpected. It feels so unfair. And um, my hatred of the Leafs is phenomenal.

Jocelynn said...

Ugh, I know. I don't care for the Leafs, either. But at least he is in the East and won't plague the Sharks.

I will miss him!

Jocelynn said...

I am too lazy to post, but DW did it again! Traded up for another pick. I've lost interest in who is actually being picked so I don't remember who it was. Now, I am watching just for the trades.