Friday, June 08, 2007

For Sale

I'm being a thief again and stealing ideas!! You want UFA's huh? I've got your UFA's. The Coyotes only have a few UFA's available this summer and to be honest I doubt they're anyone to get too excited over but they're mine so don't make fun of them.

Curtis Joseph *G*
Mike Ricci *C*
Jeremy Roenick *C*
Owen Nolan *RW*

Cujo - I would actually love to keep as a backup goalie but I don't think it will happen, I'm pretty sure his pride prohibits it. I don't blame him, of course; I'd much rather retire as a number 1 then to continue playing behind some kid and feel like I'm not needed except to hold the bench down. I hope someone signs him, if not us then someone who will allow him to play to get more wins; he wants to move higher on that wins list, he should get the chance.

Ricci - He's not really worth much to us because he can't stay healthy. I was sure that he would retire this past season; his neck injury coupled with "personal issues" were a recipe for disaster in our minds. He chose to stay and ended up on the injured reserve for the better part of this year. My prediction? Forced retirement. I don't really think he'll get signed anywhere because, to be blunt, he's done like dinner.

Roenick - There's probably not an NHL fan out there that doesn't know the deal with Roenick. He's arrogant and pig-headed and he doesn't play up the level that he did during his day. Really though, who could expect him to? He's old and he's been beat up one side and down the other. In all reality, I want someone to sign him; I want him to get that 500th goal. I just don't want it to be us. I don't want to sit around for another season and listen to him bitch and moan about wanting to get traded when we're the ones who have given him another chance. Pass.

Nolan - I admit this to everyone out in cyber-land. Owen Nolan is my old-man crush. Now I don't mean that in the way that it is normally taken, I just mean that I really love this guy. There's something about him that draws me like a moth to flame. I, personally, think we'll resign him this year, we'd be relatively dumb not to. First of all, he owes us for not trading him at the deadline because of his wife's pregnancy issues so he should sign at a good price. Not only that but the Coyotes are planning to go with a youth movement and while that's all well and good, we're going to need a few seasoned vets to show them the ropes.

Take a good look ladies (and gents), we might well never see them in Desert Red again... Just thinking about it makes me get a little misty eyed.


KMS2 said...

I was pretty disappointed when the Kings signed JR and so relieved when they didn't re-sign him. As soon as the Coyotes signed JR, I thought, "Well they're not making the playoffs". His best days are waaaay behind him and he should hang up the skates so that he can replace Hull on the Versus/NBC analysis team.

Tracy said...

True enough. The main problem I have with him is that he was basically making us look like crap (like we needed help) because he kept saying that he wanted to be traded and then when there were no takers at the deadline he turned around and trashed us saying that the problem is that we just don't give him a chance. It's insulting JR, insulting!!