Tuesday, June 12, 2007

*dingdong* Candygram.

"Candygram my foot! You're that clever shark, aren't you?"

The past week of my life has been filled with working through the 5 steps of grief in reaction to the end of the NHL season.
Denial - There was no cup awarded, they're just taking a break before the series starts up again, this time between the Sens and Sharks, so either way, in my eyes, there's no bad feelings.
Anger - But it's PRONGER!
Bargaining - Ok, God, if we re-wind and let the Sens win, I will um... Well, I already go to church, so how about I'll start going to church with (my husband) Mike Fisher?
Depression - There was a reason I spent the weekend in the Emerald City, folks....
and finally, Acceptance - There's always next season.

With Acceptance comes a report on the status of my team and their UFA's.

I'm satisfied with the announcement that Ron Wilson will be back behind the bench. I think he needs to give his players a little more room on the leash to be more aggressive, but all-in-all, I'm ok with him getting another chance to lead the Sharks.

Sharks - Solitary hunters, ranging the oceans in search of food. Ferocious preditors of the sea capable of mass carnage.
San Jose Sharks in the playoffs - closely resembling "Bruce" from Disney and Pixar's Finding Nemo. Reserved and Reformed. "Wings are Friends, not food."

Not good, my dear fishies, not good.

Let's start with the UFA's before I slip backward in my grief progress.
Honestly, they have the money to sign all 4. Will they? Cheah.. right... an monkeys might fly out of my butt.

Mark Smith (C) - Small, speedy, irritating. Crazy hair. With 13 points this season, 41 games played and 43 PIM, would he really be that big of a loss? Probably not. Will he be back? All speculation points to no. Would I be disappointed to see him on the roster next year? No - then again, we all know how I feel about guys in rock bands...

Scott Tarz-Hannan (D) - The long-locked Kelowna, BC (my FAVOURITE city in all of BC) native has spent his entire career with the Sharks and has been one of the top physical defensemen. He feels like he's given his best to the team (has he? yeah.) and wants to be compen$ated for it. Offers were made througout the season to no avail. Whispers around the Shark Tank are that he'll be swinging on his vine to another team, leaving room on the roster for another top D man *coughDrurycough*.

Bill Guerin (RW) - Acquired at trade-deadline from the Lou for added umph for a run swim at the cup. Ok, so it didn't pay off, but at least the Sharks HAD a post-season. A veteran presence on and off the ice and what can I say? I heart the guy! All signs point to RW&DW doing what they can to keep him, but honestly, they probably wont offer him enough. Please stay, Billy! Please? I'll show you my.... *humph* might as well not even offer. I mean, they really are spectacular, but I'm really trying to not get my hopes up.

Craig Rivet (D) - If Hannan is gone, I'll keep Rivet. We got him from the Canadiens for a reason, right? Not just another 'rental' like Guerin? I think they'll sign him. Especially if Tarzhannan bolts.

Rumors Du'jour!

Drury.... It seems as if Lauren "Who's Laughing Now" Pronger has sparked some other NHL wives into relocating to the Golden State. And really? From Buffalo? Who could blame her? Especially the Bay Area. Not to hot, not too cold, all you need is a light jacket! We'll see if this one actually materializes, but it sure does have all us little Sharkies all a-buzz.

Then we have Mr. Mark Bell. After his DUI/Hit&Run party, he could be spending some time in the big house... Most likely he'll just be speaking at a lot of High Schools and community centers preaching the evils of drinking and driving, but then again, that Pretty boy could be asking his agent to find him a soap-on-a-roap sponsorship.

GoalieWatch 2007: Toskala Vs. Nabokov.
Here's the thing, with sharing the #1 position this year there was ample time to tell that both goalies could handle the job, however, Vesa being young, he still has yet to play a whole season as #1. Nabby's contract is worth a lot more and he's had more playoff experience, so there are your pros (and possibly a con) with trying to shop him out to other teams. I vote to keep Toskala. He leads the two with wins (26/38 to Nabokov's 25/50), has the most kick-a mask in the league and who doesn't love those chipmunk cheeks?! Plus, with Nabby gone, that gives room in the cap to sign the Rumored Drury, which let's face it, we'll probably need.


KMS2 said...

It seems as if Lauren "Who's Laughing Now" Pronger has sparked some other NHL wives into relocating to the Golden State.

Awesome statement, but sorry McP, if Drury's coming to CA it's going to be SoCal, in the heart of smog and surf, or more specifically, to the Kings. (At least that's what I hope). If I had to pick between Gomez and Drury, I would pick Drury in a heartbeat.

Jordi said...

There needs to be a game show, "Who will Drury choose?" he can date each city and see which one fits his personal reasons.

Heather B. said...

I'm sorry to report to all of you that the rumors of Mrs. Drury hating Buffalo are exaggerated. She's a New Englander and therefore used to our particular brand of charm. That said, if Chris leaves Buffalo I think San Jose has a great shot at luring him. I think he wants to play for a winner more than anything else (sorry, kms2 :-) and San Jose has most of the pieces in place. Plus he'd be reunited with his buddy Mike Grier.

This is moot however since Chris IS NOT LEAVING BUFFALO. (Please!)

McPhizzle said...

kms2- Thank you :) And honestly, I'd pick SoCal, too - mostly b/c I would spend every morning deciding whether to go to Disneyland, One of many fine shopping establishments or the sandy beach near my home. I would also pick Drury, but that's just because Scotty played Jrs here and has quite the ego problem.

jordi- GREAT idea!!! it'll air on VH1 and have special guest appearances by the superstars of each team trying to woo him!

heather b- I figured as much... that's why i slipped it in with the rumours du'jour :) but thanks for the SanJose vote!

Margee said...

The Flavor of Drury? or the Drury of Love? What to call the show?

McPhizzle said...

How 'bout "The Flavor of Best Drury-Love Fit Club Ever"?

Finny said...

okay, so any word on Christian Ehrhoff getting hitched???

I hear it's in Germany sometime in July... forgot the exact date.

ahahah... and I hear Marcel Goc is the best man.

now why doesn't that surprise me?

McPhizzle said...

finny - i dunno the date either...

think Goc will join them on the wedding night as well to encourage his buddy?