Monday, May 21, 2007

NBC Follow Up

There has been quite a furor in hockey fandome over NBC's decision to move the Ottawa Buffalo OT to Versus, in order to air the Preakness stuff. People are ANGRY and complaining a lot. Well, this is an unpopular opinion but GET OVER IT, PEOPLE! Or don't get over it but direct your anger in the proper direction: the NHL. The NHL made a deal with a network that insists the games be aired in the early afternoon, even knowing that they have a contract to show another event later that afternoon. Of course, it wasn't the actual event that the game was switched over for. It was the pre-race stuff. What was so great about the pre-race stuff? Ad revenue. No commercials in a hockey OT...Preakness fluff: lots of commercials!

So there you have NBC's motivation. Really, do people actually think that NBC would altruistically continue to air the hockey game? Corporations don't work that way. Therefore, everyone should be mad at the NHL for stupidly allowing NBC to dictate the game time.

Here is a Sports Illustrated article about the whole deal. I was happy to read this article because it pretty much supports my unpopular opinion.


kristin said...

So I can be angry about this as long as I am angry at the NHL? Because I am going to remain angry, and I just want to know who to be mad at. I am not writing any letters, but in my personal life and internal mononlogue, I just want to know where to direct the it's okay to be mad at the NHL about this, right?

Jocelynn said...

LOL, I'm just saying I think all the anger and letter writing has been misdirected at NBC. NHL should have realized something like this could happen and warned people...or perhaps been more pushy for their own cause, instead of accepting whatever crumbs they can manage to get.

kristin said...

All I'm saying is don't carry it if you can't carry the whole thing...I think we can all agree on that...or, since we are directing our anger at the NHL...don't give it to a network who can't carry the whole thing.