Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Introducitons and Salutations...

Hi, Ladies! I've been a lurker for quite a while, so I thought I'd introduce myself and throw my helmet on the rink to participate. Not gonna lie, I'm stoked to be here.

1. Where you're from, what you do - basic things.
I'm from the 'thriving metropolis' of Kennewick, Washington. Part of a community called the "Tri-Cities" that actually includes 4 cities (go fig) that have, over the years, grown together. Our big claim to fame (aside from 300+ days of sunshine a year) is that we're right next to the Hanford Nuclear Plant (WWII... Big bombs?... Anyone? Bueller?) SO to answer any questions about that beforehand, No, I don't glow in the dark at night (although that would be a neat party trick). Also, it's in the SE part of the state, which is mostly farm land and desert - pretty much the opposite of Seattle, 3.5 hours away.

Like I told Sherry, I've grown up loving the greatest sport in the known universe and it's players - ok, so mostly the sport - especially after smelling the players. Ick.

My hockey-love is spread quite generously on the toast of the WHL - a developmental Junior league in Western Canada and the Pacific NW. We've got a team here locally and I grew up being the team's Lil Sis (my parents still house at least one player from the team each season) and National Anthem(s) Singer. That very well could be why it's hard for me to pick just one NHL team to follow, there are so many guys I've watched grow up in the league who now have gone on to "The Show."

I used to do a lot of pageants, so I'm a girlie girl. I gave it up for cookies and orange soda. Never super athletic aside from dance - and that was mostly musical theatre and cheer teams. However, on the inside, I'm a goalie. My dad's family is all from Canada - mostly Saskatchewan, but my Aunt was a prof at the University of Manitoba for a while. I sing constantly. I've got a job that allows me to sit and play on the internet all day. I'm still a huge *NSYNC fan. I've got a 'broseph' who plays in the ECHL and a couple buddies in the AHL, so I follow a lot of teams. I've got the same birthday as Jared Padalecki of Gilmore Girls/Supernatural fame. My favourite colour is purple. (I like to spell things with extra vowels from time to time just to piss Americans off.) My favorite fast-food is a number 4 from Del Taco with a Cherry Coke and LOTS of extra mild sauce.

I also have a crazy roommate who is teaching me the ways of Baseball, but I must admit, I keep waiting for the the 2nd basemen to hip-check the runners... Hell, I would. Wow... that turned into a novel.... my bad.

2. Your team and why you like them.My teams are the Sharks, Islanders and the Sens.Why?
Sharks: Joe Thornton AND Patty Marleau? Yes please. Big guys, tons of depth and who wouldn't love a team that skates out of a ginormous shark mouth? They're also the closest team to me (in the States), so that's who we see the most of on TV (i'm way too cheap for center ice).
Islanders: It all started with a Goalie. I'll admit it, I let Ricky D into my heart on that fateful Draft day and haven't been able to pull myself away from that group of Long Island cuties since. With the addition of Mr. Ryan Smyth, I even got my dad (a die-hard Oilers fan) to watch a couple games with me after the trade.
Sens: I had to have at least one Canadian team to root for, so when shopping for a new one (after VAN, my former fav team, traded my Todd), I found Ottawa. Heatly-Spezza-Alfredson, Schaefer-Fisher-Comrie. What's not to love there? Plus, being a sunday school teacher, Fisher pretty much stole my Jesus-loving heart.

3. Your least favourite team and why?
The Wings. I don't know why, but I've hated them as long as I could remember. I think it started because I didn't like red - well, that and my big sister LURVES them, so of course there had to be rivalry. I also can't STAND Brett Hull, so when he was on the team it made them much easier to hate. I do admit, however, since they picked up my beloved Bertuzzi, it's hard to hate them with the flames of 10,000 toasted marshmallows like I used to.

4. Your favourite player of all time & now?
Of all time = Mark Messier
Now = That's a toss-up between Todd Bertuzzi and Joe Thornton.... Hmm... Do power forawards seem to be a pattern here?

Special awards go to Stu Barnes and Olaf Kolzig who were some of the first people I watched play hockey when their Jr team moved here in the late 80's. Couple years ago they bought the team and saved it from being moved to Canada.

5. If you had to punch one hockey player or member of the NHL organization, who and why?
Brett Hull. That's right. I'm still miffed about 1999. Your FOOT. was IN. the CREASE.

6 What you'll be looking forward in this group blog.
Intellegent, witty hockey observations. Women who know the game and love it as I do - as a non-bunny. Different perspectives.

7. What you don't like in general?
Snakes, disrespect, being used, anti-semitism, puck bunnies, and the phrase "and what-not."

8. What role do female fans play in keeping the game alive?
Merchandice, Marketing and Manmeat. We fill the seats, we bring our friends, we introduce our kids/bfs/husbands to the game. I'm also convinced that hockey moms make the world go 'round.

9. What role do female fans play in picking heroes for the community?
There's a difference I've noticed in talking to my dude-friends about the game and the players. If a player is good-looking, nice to the little kiddies and takes the time to make himself accessable to the fans, we all swoon. A player who is full of himself and a jerk will be bad news for the team in about a hundred ways.

Most guys don't really give two squirts about a player's life off the ice. Women pick up on that kind of stuff. If a player is popular with the ladies, he's invaluble to the team's collective persona.
My friend Jason and I had a conversation last season about a cocky rookie on our local team, it went a little something like this:
J: That kid is awesome!
M: That kid has promising talent, but he's an asshat.
J: So? If he plays well, who cares?
M: Do you really want your team represented by a kid who talks about how all the fans are fat? [sarcasm] That'll keep the seats filled. [/sarcasm] I hope he rides the pine.

10. Hockey just isn't the same without...
Nachos and a beer? Oh, that's not what you meant. Since ESPN quit covering NHL, I'd have to say Barry Melrose's greasy 'do.

11. If you were on a deserted island, which player would you pick to stay with you?
Mike Fisher. He's tough, he fishes and hunts and HELLO! he's BEAUTIFUL!

12. Crosby, Ovechkin or Phaneuf (hey he tried!)?
Let's weigh the options, shall we?
Crosby - cute as a button, crazy good, willing to flush the toilet on a fan's husband to remind him the season has started.
Ovechkin - Also crazy good, not so much good looking, loves him some lays potato chips.
But the clear winner is:
Phaneuf - I have a soft spot for boys that I've actually seen play in person, no matter how young I/they were. Plus, he's a super physical player. I love me some good hard hitting and guys who fly under the radar of the American Media.

13. The player you'd like to take for a grand night out/a movie/a boring event?
Grand night out: The Dion. One of my ex-b/f's had the HUGEST mancrush on him - I'd hope there'd be some sort of press photos and I could see the look on his face when he saw me with 'his b/f'.
A movie: Mike Fisher. If the movie was boring I could look at his face.
A boring event: Shay Stephenson of the LA Kings system. Kid is freakin hilarious!

14. If you could make your own team, regardless of whatever players, what would it be called and where will it be/how would it be like?
Oooh... tough one. It'd be in my favorite city in the world, Seattle. They'd be a lot like the Sharks but with much better uniforms. No teal here, folks - I'd steal the colors from the current Seattle team, the Thunderbirds - navy and green. They'd be the Seattle Metropolitans- a throwback to the 1916-1917 Stanley Cup champions. They'd be Big, Skilled and Speedy. And since it is MY team, I'd throw a goon or two out there.

Anything else can be learned from my blog. :)


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The Royal Family said...

Thanks! :)

Bethany said...

You're welcome!

Marie said...

My comment is going to be a novel, here it goes:

a) I've been waiting to hear from a pro-Bertuzzi fan...

b) damn straight his skate was in the crease! Did anyone else catch him brush off Clement's comment to him about goals that should have been disallowed?

c) Purple is my favorite color too!! How convenient that it's also the color of royalty and the color of my beloved Kings! ;)

d) I miss Melrose more than words can describe. Although my mom definitely does not miss seeing his hair!

e) and of course, welcome!!

Jordi said...

'Sup Mcphizzle.

Though all Smytty talk can only be accompanied with violin music.

Steph said...

I think I'm the exact opposite - I've started to love Bertuzzi because he's on my Red Wings now. Anyway, welcome!

The Royal Family said...

KMS - a) I do love me some Big Bert.
b) YES! My roommate knocked on my door and asked if I was ok b/c i was laughing so hard.
d) My mom misses the hair just as much as I do. We're close like that
e) Thanks! :)

Jordi - Violin music will be provided by my index finger and thumb and the tiniest violin in the world. *takes a bow*

Steph - My sister and I found out about the trade at the same time - we were both at work on AIM and had the same reacion, "NOOOO!!!" :)

Jocelynn said...

Hello, welcome!

I love your answer to number 5! I think if I did not have Bell to hate I would have picked Hull, too and for just that reason.

The Royal Family said...

Jocelyn - He was my first hockey hate and always will hold the top honor... They say you never forget your first ;o)

Eleanor said...

McPhizzle, welcome to HLOG!

Ellie said...

i love how you picked Phaneuf : )


The Royal Family said...

Ellie - I don't understand why anyone WOULDN'T pick The Dion. :)