Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Five, May 18

So...I really like the Friday Five but no one put it up today. So I decided to do it myself...with the help of Kristin, so I hope you like the questions!!

1. What's something you must do before you die?

2. What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?

3. What are the three tv shows you can't live without?

4. What's your guilty pleasure?

5. What was your favorite childhood game?


kristin said...

1. I don't like to think about death right before bed so I can't answer this question.

2. Transferring to a school to be with my boyfriend (I was young...gimme a break!)

3. Currently: Deadliest Catch, Arrested Development, Project Runway, AMTM...oops that's four!

4. Watching any and all of the above shows!

5. Duck duck actual skill involved.

Bethany said...

1. Pop out some babies...

2. The horny french man...I'll leave it at that.

3. Scrubs Grey's Anatomy and Lost I suppose

4. Chipotle...

5. Life...I love that game.

Anonymous said...

1. Have a family.

2. I got in the car with a stranger, when I was a teenager.

3. Greys Anatomy, Ugly Betty & NHL on the Fly

4. Hockey, trashy romance novels, peanut butter.

5. Monopoly.

KMS2 said...

1. Attend a Kings playoff game. (Hopefully I'll be able to accomplish it!)

2. That one night when I drank too much...

3. Lost, Arrested Development, The Office

4. Video games, candy, and The Real World (I've been watching since San Fran, I can't stop now!)

5. When I was really, really young, it was Memory. Also, Operation, Life, and Monopoly.

Jordi said...

Admin Jordi wants to apologise, we were meant to take care of it but. Bah.

1. Go on a food tour, and eat everything I always wanted. Babies are overrated.

2. Setting my hand on fire... I don't know how to start this.

3. My Name is Earl, Scrubs... and some trashy reality show. Actually can I have more?

4. I don't know... Laughing at people's misfortunes?

5. Four square. It included four squares and KICKING ASS.

Sherry said...

HAHA I apologize, Jordi and I had some miscommunication. We were supposed to cover for HG while Sparkle Pants is in the hospital. Sorry!

1. What's something you must do before you die?
Oh many things, a lot of them private but the one thing I want to do is be able to see a game in every NHL stadium.

2. What's the stupidest thing you have ever done?
Just one, eh? Well, it's probably not the stupidest but I did set the carpet on fire one time.

3. What are the three tv shows you can't live without?
The Office, SportsCentre/The Spin, and I watch a lot of TV but I can't think of a third. Simpsons, maybe? Probably Ugly Betty too. What can I say, I'm a suck.

4. What's your guilty pleasure?
Watching too much TV! And sleeping in. I really like sleeping in.

5. What was your favorite childhood game?
Guess Who! Heads-up 7-Up! Good times, good times. CLUE! Sorry, I'm getting a little excited here. I'll stop now.

Bethany said...

It's ok Jordi and Sherry Kristin and I handled it haha...and I think we got it up before the end of Friday!

Objectionable Conduct said...

1. Be at a game 7 in the Stanley Cup finals oh and with all the boys I know, I'd damned well better get a chance to party with the Cup. Who needs babies? Not I.

2. I look at everyone else's dumb things, and I realize that all the dumb stuff I have done could fill a blog all by itself. So I'll refrain from commenting apart from the fact that I have done almost every dumb thing the rest of you have done... and then some.

3. Grey's Anatomy, Sportscentre, and Various Reality Television shows (right now its Dancing with the Stars, but I like shows like So You Think You Can Dance, ANTM, the Bachelor ect)

4. Watching TV. Reading trashy novels. Spilling the dirt on all of our favourite hockey boys.

5. I loved Sim City as a child.

Just as side note, my security word verification thing is Abdul. That made me giggle.

Interchangeable Parts said...

1. We're with Jordi on the "babies are overrated" front, so we'll say... gosh, we can't think of anything. We're both sort of disgustingly happy with our lives as they are.

2. Pookie once tried to climb over a barbed wire fence. It ended badly. She also got into a van of strangers in Midtown Manhattan. That ended surprisingly well.

3. Assuming NHL games don't count: Daily Show, Colbert Report, House Hunters.

4. Schnookie is an awesome baker, so we like to slum it occasionally with cheap grocery store bakery cakes.

5. We invented a bastardized version of hide-and-go-seek wherein the hider was a guinea pig trying to escape from a laboratory, and the seeker was the evil scientist trying to keep the subject. We think this explains a lot about us.

Jocelynn said...

This is late but here it is:

1. Get the courage to try designing knit jewelry and start a business. Unfortunantly, I also have no patience.

2. Broke my nose playing tag, of all things. See #5

3. Footballers Wives, Arrested Development, can I really only pick one more? Umm, ok, I choose The Colbert Report.

4. Footballers Wives

5. Tag

Steph said...

1. Get something published. Otherwise wtf do I have this major for?

2. I am inclined to say moving into this apartment...but at least that's over soon.

3. Weeds, Rescue Me, Nip/Tuck (okay shush that's a guilty pleasure).

4. Ty Conklin.

5. Capture the Flag.v

leanne said...

1. Move closer to home. Though that's very much in the works, thank goodness.

2. There was this road trip to Ottawa...Ottawa itself wasn't terrible but never ever go with a jealousy-ridden drama queen. Especially when you're fresh off a bad breakup...

3. There's been five Star Treks, pick three? Or...hmmm. House, Futurama, My Boys.

4. 80s cartoons. And not so much conducting library runs as looting the stacks.

5. Monopoly.

Elly said...

Lookit me! A day late and a dollar short. Or is it better late than never?

1. Hike Ireland and shake Mario Lemieux's hand to thank him for inspiring a little 10 year old girl to like hockey.

2. Oh boy, I could make a list. Hmm...probably almost every decision I have ever made with men. I do not have good luck with men.

3. I don't watch a lot of tv, I'd rather read, so...Scrubs, Daily Show, CSI are really the only three things I watch.

4. Fantasy novels/mindless easy books, wine, dark chocolate, and a bubble bath.

5. Sorry!, war, life and anything that involved running around.

Margee said...

1. I want to live in another country for a period of time.

2. I don't remember his name, but I sure felt stupid.

3. America's Next Top Model, Project Runway, Veronica Mars (RIP)

4. Degrassi: the Next Generation, tofu jerky, and Us Weekly

5. UNO!

Jordi said...

Oh Margee, you can stay in Australia any time.

Shan said...

1. Live
2. i dont know
3. I don't know, but Jeopardy, Transformers and Reboot would be my favourites
4. chocolate
5. Still is - Scrabble

k.le said...

hi, i'm way late and no one's going to read this anymore but i was out of town for the long weekend and here i am, humoring myself.

1. Learn how to dance sexy. Please, someone teach me.
2. I told a bus driver I thought he was hot and immediately ran off the bus in total humiliation.
3. The Office,, infomercials? I want an H2O vac.
4. Reading Seventeen even though I'm 22.
5. Signal (the card game) which is in fact still my favourite card game but all my friends outgrew it about 6 years ago and thus I never get to play it.

the end.