Saturday, May 26, 2007

The first sign of Armageddon...

I was relatively certain that the Sens wouldn't make it far in the playoffs. They don't, usually...right? (heeeee) So I wasn't too worried about having to cheer for them in the finals because I didn't honestly think it'd come to that.

Well, it has. And I don't think I can do it.
It is not because I hate them (I don't), but I'm certainly not fond of them and that is not something you can just switch off, especially if you've spent all season grumbling at them.
And I'm well aware that they're a Canadian team in the finals and for that alone I should be whole-heartedly throwing my support behind them, but's not like the team entirely consists of Canadians.

I thought about it a little, and this is how it works out.
Say I cheer for the Sens:
Sens Lose - I am disappointed...and ok, I'm a little patriotic, a Canadian team missed out.
Sens Win - I will be excited but will have the victory rubbed in my face by Sens fans along the vein of "Sens rule, Leafs drool!!" for years to come despite the fact I had been cheering for them.

Now, say I cheer for the Ducks:
Ducks Lose - I am disappointed, and will probably have the the victory of the Sens rubbed in my face anyway, but I won't have to suffer the indignation of experiencing that even after having reluctantly chosen to support them.
Ducks Win - I will be mildly excited (well, I'm not that emotionally invested) and Sens fans in mourning (and quiet).

So in terms of risk and reward, it makes better sense to become a Ducks fan. For a Leafs fan, it's lose-lose vs. win-lose. I doubt anyone from Ottawa would want my very conditional love anyway.

As an aside, I'd like to add that I've never called the Sens chokers. Only one team out of 16 can get the Cup, and it's not like anything less should be considered complete and utter failure. Besides, we haven't even been making the playoffs we don't really have any business taunting those who have.

but anyway...
and for the Sens - may the best team win. I certainly won't cry myself to sleep if a team located in my own province manages to go all the way.


Jordi said...

NO SENS CHEERING! I mean come on, don't start cheering for them because you're a little patriotic and they are actually a good team. THATS NOT WHAT ITS ALL ABOUT! Plus I have a party hat for you in not cheering for them :(

k.le said...

I suppose my meandering post wasn't totally clear...but no, I am not planning on Sens cheering, not today, probably not ever.
Can I collect my party hat now? Does it have the Ottawa logo with a big cross over it?

(i never knew you were a sens disliker)

Jordi said...

Let's just say I pick up quick on hating teams :)

Habcentric said...

I shall be Switzerland (not Aebischer or Gerber, though...maybe Streit) for the finals. I'm out of contention in my hockey pool...damn you Andy McDonald! And I can't drum up the passion to actively root for another team. So, I'll appreciate the hockey and enjoy watching some games during which I neither hyperventilate or curse at the television. May the best team win, and I will hate them both as soon as training camp starts.