Saturday, May 05, 2007

Darn Goalies

Goalies are my favorites. They really are. As a result I have very strong feelings about them. Some I really love. Some I really despise. And it pains me when I find myself rooting for a team whose goalie I don't like, because the other team is more evil. That being said, "What the hell, Luongo?!" I don't like Luongo, never have. But I hate the Ducks more so there I was, rooting for Luongo, even though I knew, realistically, that there was no way the Ducks would lose. But for Canucks to lose in such a fashion? UGH, horrible! I hope Luongo learned his lesson. So concerned with what was going on elsewhere that he didn't pay attention to his own responsibility...of keeping the puck out of the damn net!

On to the second goalie on my angry list: Nabokov, of course. The Sharks, as a team, are screwing up. Choking in the second round, again (if they don't pull out of this hole and win the series, I predict Ron Wilson will find himself fired). I am not solely blaming Nabokov for this. But I can blame him for the dumb decision to come far far out of his net and give the puck away. It was painful to watch and definitely momentum changing. It was a huge turning point in the series. My optimistic side will force me to watch game 6 and have hope but I won't be surprised if it is the last Sharks game I see until October.

If the Sharks cannot give Teal Town a conference final, I will be rooting for the Ducks (oh, that pains me to write).

Well, at least one team I like has won the second round. Ottawa is celebrating their win right now.


Jordi said...

Hold on there, no need to get desperate there. The Ducks panic button is for when they'll actually help you out in the deal.

I've got so much sadness for Luongo, he saved the team a whole lot of times so in a wayit wasn't really his fault. Especially when the chances of actually winning the next... 2 games? are so unlikely they might as well start golfing early.

Your Sharkies better not let me down! My Rivet's in there!

Jocelynn said...

I feel less negative today. I swear, I really have always been an optimist. I've had a lot of stress this year and I think that is making me very pessimistic about everything, including my Sharks.

Those Sharkies better not let me down, either! I wanna have to pay my sister 80 bucks for the next round.

Anonymous said...

That was a huge screw up for Luongo. But I can't be tough on him, he was the only reason the Canucks got as far as they did.