Monday, March 19, 2007

Your Marriage

If your team is (or could be) missing the playoffs, what are you going to do?

The possibilities of my Senators missing the playoffs are remote. Therefore, I will discuss the obligations of a fan in such a hypothetical circumtance.

First, you must consider how much you believe in your team. Then, you must consider how necessary hockey is in your life. I don't expect many fans to become hockey celibate, but to the other end, I would be extremely disappointed in a fan who jumps right onto the bandwagon, without pausing to inspect for sharp nails or shoddy workmanship, without a backwards glance. I don't think fans who wholeheartedly embrace another team once their original team is absent are fulfilling their role as fans. A certain expectation of loyalty comes with the fan title.

Think about it this way: your fandom is a marriage. While your husband is in a temporary coma, there's nothing really wrong with taking note of other fine men. You are a woman, after all. However, your commitment is still with your comatose husband and he still demands your loyalty and heart.

The line is drawn at paraphernalia, the sports equivalent of a wedding ring. Embracing, say, 87 & Co. when your Panthers are out of the running to the extent that you purchase a Crosby shirt is unacceptable (... unless you black-out the Pens logo) .

In my hardened experience as a Senators fan, I've had to witness many disgraceful playoff exits. I have never jumped on another team's bandwagon, but I've hoped for a contender to win, while somehow always manipulating the reasons befitting to the Senators. I.e., I hoped for Calgary to win in '03-'04 because the Tampa Bay and Ottawa franchises were born in the same year, and having them win something before us was a nauseating thought. However, I wouldn't touch any of those flaming C's, even with Zdeno Chara's stick.

You're still allowed to be a hockey fan and enjoy the teams, but remember where your loyalties lie.

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Shan said...

Good. So, which team will you take a note of once once the Senators are out?