Friday, March 02, 2007

Secret Agent Men

One of the benefits of the unbalanced schedule is the fact that I can love and cheer for my Western Conference boys without feeling too torn so I'll focus on the Eastern Conference guys that cause me to question my loyalties. Only in a fleeting manner though. Here's a brief list of the boys from the west though:

  • Michael Cammalleri
  • Jarome Iginla
  • Kipper!
  • Pretty much everyone on the Sharks
  • Paul Kariya

As for the east, we start with none other than Marty Biron. Seriously, I love Marty so much sometimes it makes me cry. It makes me cry because you know he's capable of being a starter but you have to admit to yourself that Ryan Miller was the better goalie. He just sat there and took it, never said schtum and ask anybody and they'll tell you he's the nicest guy in the NHL. He trash talks Eric Staal! He makes the same random noises as us when we're watching hockey! I'm thrilled he gets a chance to be a starter now, but unfortunately it's to the dark depths of Philadelphia who are struggling like mad right now. Happy Trails, Marty. You'll make us proud.

Oh and those gorgeous blue eyes don't hurt at all.

I might have a thing for goalies, but then again who doesn't. I admit that one of the reasons that Ward endeared himself to me was because he was a nice Christian boy. He lead the Hurricanes to the Cup last year and when he won the Conn Smythe I was steadfast in defending that decision since I do believe the 'Canes wouldn't have made it to the end without him. That being said, his regular season struggles can't be ignored. He's capable of coming up big but there are stretches where he just lets in bad goal after bad goal. He's capable of improving though and it's important to remember that he's still relatively young and most goalies don't hit their peak until their late 20's early 30's. The man is only 5 and 3/4 after all.

Brad Boyes. For no specific reason except he's from Mississauga. And I thought I should throw a skater in here somewhere.

Edit - This local news tribute of Marty Biron's Greatest Hits. Just when you thought Marty couldn't get more adorable, you throw his kids into the mix. See? Almost want to cry.


Heather B. said...

Marty love = always a good thing. I saw an interview somewhere with Ryan and the interviewer asked if he thought losing Marty was going to be a big blow to the team's chemistry. Ryan said no but he thought that was because of Marty and how he's taught all the younger guys what it means to be a great teammate. And then there was a small hesitation where Ryan got a little choked up before saying, "He's one of my best friends in the league." Ryan doesn't show much emotion so that little pause almost did me in. If Marty's been a good teammate to anyone the last couple of years, it's Ryan and I was so happy to see that Ryan recognizes that.

Chris Drury said Marty is the best teammate he ever played with. Dru doesn't throw around compliments like that unless he really means them so it has to be true.

Crap. I'm clearly not over this yet. Thanks for dredging it all up again, SHERRY!

kristin said...

I'm loving all the Marty love and I am loving Marty! Can't wait til March 20th when I sit right behind the net and see him in action!

Heather, your loss is our gain, and I promise we will take good care of him!

Paige said...

And I was just getting over it! Come on! I'll miss him so much, he's an amazing guy, and he always makes me laugh. I remember a Philly game where he was sitting on the bench, and they showed him. And for some odd reason he decided to fix his towel with his teeth. It was weird how much he looked like a dog... haha.

Here it is:

Sherry said...

I think despite all of our differences, Marty is the one thing that brings us together. Marty's the great uniter!

Heather B - I didn't mean to bring it up again! I'm affected by this too you know! Sort of!

Kristin - You make sure you take care of Marty and show him a lot of love.

Paige - I Love that video. He's just so amazing and weird and lovable.