Sunday, March 04, 2007

I am Not Ashamed

I, too, have some players that I root for that are not members of my favorite team. Let's see, to start, I root for all of the Bruins, especially Sturm (him being one of my favorite ex-Sharks). I also root for Ovechkin and, even though I feel annoyed that he did not play for the Sharks the way he plays for the Flames, Kiprosoff. I also tend to root for goalies that in general are not given much credit, like Legace.

I mostly root for these people when they are NOT playing against the Sharks. I don't feel strongly enough about any of them to wish they would dominate against the Teal. Do well; that is fine, as long as the Sharks win. I used to have one exception to this rule. My favorite former Shark, Steve Shields, who no longer poses this dilemma, as he is now in Sweden. Back before the shootout I would wish for low scoring ties when he played against the Sharks. I even rooted for him and against Patrick Marleau when Marleau got a penalty shot opportunity. I was at that game and my friends knew what I was thinking and every once in awhile one will bring it up to tease (one of my many nicknames is "Traitor"). Hey, Marleau didn't score, the Sharks still won. It was an exciting game. My friends have long, long memories, but it bothers me not, because...well, see my title.

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