Sunday, March 11, 2007

How can you not love that face?!

I mean seriously...Zenon Konopka is one of my favorites...alongside of Curtis Glencross. Both of these guys are great players. They played in Cincinnati and so I have watched them for about 3 years now. Anyway, I am hoping that they do make the team next year. After being acquired from Anaheim, Konopka played in 6 games with CBJ, and registered 20 penalty minutes. In the AHL he is a +20...he is such a smart player. Glencross is also a great player with a ton of potential. Now, as for guys like Geoff Platt, Alexandre Picard, and Marc Methot, Methot has played really well considering the circumstances we are under. Losing Adam Foote hurt us pretty badly but he has done a great job and has played really smart hockey. Platt and Picard are great players with a TON of potential but as far as my picks for next years team...Glencross, Konopka, and Methot...maybe Platt he plays really hard when he is out there.


Ellie said...

wow if that's not a hockey face then i don't know what is : )

Steph said...

I went and saw the Grand Rapids Griffins play the Syracuse Crunch last month (...okay, admittedly because I thought it would be hilarious to stalk Ty Conklin, MOVING ON!) and I was really impressed with Konopka - he's scrappy and he pulls off all these nice little scrums but does do it smartly, you're right.

As for Methot, he looked good too - but I mostly noticed him because the guys next to me were jeering at the Crunch and coming up with "clever" nicknames for them (Popperle = Potpourri, Pushor = Pushover)...they failed to realize until after yelling it that "ME HOT!" was not really particularly insulting. Men.