Sunday, March 04, 2007

Blonde Ambition

Which player do you secretly cheer for on the inside, even when he's playing against your team?

This really pains me. Marian Hossa. He's the only player that I hope plays well, even against the Senators.

Please don't think it's just an ex-Senators thing. I cared about Havlat and Lalime when they were with the Senators, but in their new incarnations as Blackhawks, I am indifferent, even to Havlat's wily charms. On some level, I think we hope that every player does "well" -- you know, doesn't get hurt, plays at least in a dignified fashion. (Yes, I was embarrassed for Stoll last night as he fell on the Edmonton Oilers power-play.) But with Hossa, I just want him to hold the puck on a string and dominate physically like he does when he's at his best. I want to see him streaming down the wing, I want to see him backchecking furiously, I want to see him frustrating defensemen. I care about Hossa, even now, because I feel his career with the Senators is unfinished. Unlike Lalime or Havlat, he didn't choose to leave nor was his departure incredibly needed. I feel like his career would only be complete if he finished it with the Senators ... that's why I cheer for him inside, because he still holds a bit of the Senators within him.

I still hate losing to him as he wears a different uniform, though. I'm also slightly resentful towards Thrashers fans.

Also, as crappy as Redden has been lately, he's the only player I would cheer for on the outside, even against the Senators.

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Sherry said...

I hold no resentment towards Hossa and I quite like him, but the fact that he plays for the Thrashers prevents me from cheering for him.

Oh and I can't wait until Redden stops sucking. I too would cheer for him wherever he goes but lately it's becoming very trying.