Sunday, February 04, 2007

What can I say?

What can I say? There isn't much I'm dissapointed in. I can't really complain that we arn't winning enough, but I can say who has made me especially proud of! Even if there are a few who I expected more of.

The Surprises

Danny Paille
It looks like I have a new Danny boy to add to my list! Paille started the year as a healthy scratch, but lately he has been playing great. When playing the Bruins he even scored 2 goals in a game. Also, after the Sabres played a quite miserable game, Ruff said that he was playing the best on the team, and keeping the game in check. Ruff once threatened him that if he didn't play better and put his all into the game, Ruff had the power to keep him from ever having a career in the NHL. And Paille answered! He still travels down to the Rochester Americans, but he is now playing nearly every game. I was also especially proud of him after he "nailed" Chara!

Marty Biron

I think Marty was just destined for greatness. It's really great to know that even your backup is amazing. Marty has really made Miller's life easier by taking the pressure off Ryan's back. It does help that we probably are not keeping him for next year, so he's trying to show himself off, but he does do his job, and he does it well. I'm also proud that he could have back-to-back wins against Boston. But, Lindy is concerned for him leaving (and for good reason) because Marty B has a way of loosening up the team, so they don't get so stressed and worried. I also love his personality, but seriously, who doesn't? He loves to talk, and he loves to laugh, and everyone loves him for it. I'll seriously miss him next year, and I'll probably become a fan of whoever is lucky enough to snatch him up first.

The Dissapointments

Tim Connolly

I know Tim is an amazing player, and one of the best on the team. But he's no use if he isn't playing! I seems like an awful waste to pay someone 3 million dollars, and he doesn't skate until over half the season is over. It looks like he'll be playing soon, but he won't be at his best until the playoffs (if we're lucky). It's really quite a shame, but I can't wait to see him skate again and let the memories come back!

Well, it seems the only player I can really think of anything wrong with, isn't playing! So other than that I'm happy with the team. There are some players who don't score goals, and there are some that get lots of penalty minutes, but they weren't signed expecting to be stars. I am perhaps dissapointed in Andrew Peters though, but that's because I don't feel he is as much of an enforcer, and more of someone who just enjoys fighting.

But, overall, I am more than pleased of the outcome of the Sabres so far this season.

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Heather B. said...

I'll probably post later, but I agree with you on Andrew Peters. I don't think he even does the things he's supposed to do as well as some of the other guys on the team (Gaustad, Mair) do them. Nice guy but a total waste of a roster spot, I think.

It sucks to have Timmy sit around for that much $$$, but I really think Darcy and co. signed him with an eye on the next two seasons more than this one. I wish they hadn't given him so much money with his healt in doubt, but I think he's way too talented to cut loose at this point so I'm glad they made some kind of commitment to him.

Definitely impressed with Paille. He and Paetsch have been our best players these past few games.