Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not quite on-topic, but really, am I ever on topic?

Note: I have been working on this off and on since the lockout. It will possibly explain to you why I am more into the AHL then the NHL. It might not. Either way, it's wordy, and to keep it from overtaking this entire index page, the 'read more' link will take you to the entry's permanent place in the [so.very.obsessed] archives.


In September 2004, when the NHL announced that there was a work stoppage, I was scared. I was scared that it would cause me to lose interest in this whole "hockey" thing, and I was scared that it would be a long season of growing disinterest, reading the non-reports out of negotiations and growing more and more disgusted with the NHL.

And it kind of did happen, that whole disgust thing. And the disinterest thing. But something else that I hadn't really counted on happened- I fell, hard and fast, for the AHL. I'd figured I'd end up alleviating some of the desires to see hockey live with some Providence games here and there, because I'd been casually dabbling in following them through Boston. I admit that I didn't put much time in seeing them or keeping track and watching prospects develop in previous years. But, y'know, they'd be there, they'd be playing, the Lowell arena was pretty close to me, and the Manchester arena was even closer, so I'd get a couple games of convenience. I was still pretty sure that the 2003-2004 NHL season was pretty stellar, and I was pretty sure that it'd take a lot to top it, and I was pretty sure that the AHL would not be able to bring enough to the table to be better.

I was wrong.


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